Undercover Russian Police Bust Naked Hair Salon – YEAH RIGHT…

In what is likely total bullshit news, a story is circulating around the internet about a supposed naked Russian hair salon getting raided by the cops for charging about $79 for a haircut performed by naked hairdressers. Also, for about $157, the patron can be naked while receiving the haircut.

According to the Daily Mail, a hidden camera supposedly caught the suspect goings on of the naked hair salon as men had their hair cut and styled by nude stylists.

“Once you get inside you get met by a girl who offers you a cup of coffee and flirts with you,” said Sergey Voronov, a totally real, not made up guy who patronized the salon.

So, why the police raid, you ask? Well, apparently the naked salon is next to a daycare center for autistic children. How’s that for a little too convenient irony?

“We could not let the kids out into the playground any longer, there were so many drunken men around trying to get into the building,” said Ludmila Mihailova, head of the children’s facility.

Why am I so skeptical of this story? Well, it comes from the completely suspect bullshit generator Central European News. On the upside, though, hey, here’s a video of naked people. Enjoy.

[Daily Mail]

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