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Understanding The Pedophile’s Brain

Understanding The Pedophile’s Brain


Dr. James Cantor talks about what brain research is telling us about the minds of the most abhorred people in society, pedophiles, and what he’s learned that might help protect more children from them.

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It’s kinda funny that we call pedophilia a psychiatric disorder, but if I say the same thing about gay, lez, bi, or tranny…i’d be attacked and called a bigot.
The only difference really is that pedo’s have a victim. They hurt children.

If there were a person who came out as gay he would be called a hero. He’d be called brave.
If a person came out as a pedo, but also said he has never, and would never, act on his impulses…the same people who called the gay person a hero would call this guy a monster. His life would be ruined over it. But how is it really different?


That’s because one of the criteria in the DSM for being diagnosed with a personality disorder is “The enduring pattern leads to clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.”

I would say many many many gay people experience some and/or all of those. Which is why people call them brave for “coming out”.

I know my comment just feels wrong. I “feel” like they aren’t comparable. I “feel” bad for saying it. Actually, no. I don’t ever feel bad.

Anyways, I try really hard to see things without emotion. And thru that filter, AND putting aside the victims that pedos create…I honestly can’t see any real difference why homosexuality isn’t called a psychological disorder but other sexual dysfunctions like pedos and bestiality is.

For the record, I don’t think they are comparable, but that’s only because of emotional reasons, not logic.

Ya know, I’m actually kinda hoping for an answer. To be proven wrong and dumb. There’s gotta be something I’ve completely missed. I’m always willing to change how I see things; Still it seems weird to me.

I would argue that the extent to which open homosexuals experience distress and impairment in occupational and/or social areas of functioning is to a significantly lesser degree than an open pedophile.

Today, an openly gay man will not likely lose their job or suffer ostricization. In a case where they do, the ostricizers will themselves be judged for it. Clearly, the same can not be said for an open pedophile. They, in spite of significant distress and impairment, will continue to be pedophiles.

Another possible argument: homosexuals, in a time where they were ostricizers to a significantly greater degree, were, in fact, treated as individuals with mental disorders.

Also, this perspective of gay people being heroes for coming out is fading. This could be the result of decreased ostricizarion increasing the amount of willful outings. It’s actually becoming trite.

This might be beside the point, but I do see pedophiles which openly seek help and have yet to act upon their desires as heroes. They are condemned to loveless existences.

So, the deciding factor of what we call a mental disorder is just based on public acceptance? That’s what I’m getting from this. It’s an emotional and not logical.
That’s why I find this interesting. I’ve always been uneasy with psychology anyway. I like logic. things which make sense outside emotion…probably because I’m a robot unable to feel.

I also find it amazing that the guy in the vid is gay, but still has no problem with his quest to prove there is some quantifiable difference between himself and kiddy fuckers. We already hate pedos because they have victims, people don’t need convincing they are sick, but still he tries.. But maybe deep down, he is really trying to make himself feel like his abnormality is different. That one is a disease, and one is just ” sexual expression”

And also I have to admit, I’m being pretty black and white here. When I say abnormal, I shouldn’t mean that’s bad. There are grey areas. There is normal, a little off, and wacko. So in that regard, the two are different. Heck, I know guys who like fat chicks, which isn’t normal, but isn’t on the same dysfunctional level as a Ken Pinion. (look him up. He let a horse fuck him which tore his colin and killed him. There’s a 30second video of it! It’s crazy! It goes good for the first 10 seconds, but then the horse thrusts and goes balls deep. 4 feet of horse cock! Dudes spine gets straightened! ) After that, the politicians wanted to charge all his friends, but courts concluded that there were no victims, and the horse wasn’t harmed. It’s a clear case of non-heterosexuality with no victims (just like homosexuality), but it’s definitely wrong…just because we feel it is. And I agree it’s wrong, which sits bad with me because I don’t like “feels” telling me what’s right and wrong.

Weird huh? Ok, I’ll stop being drunk and tired and weird and overthinking stupid poo. I just find it interesting right now for some reason.

I don’t know about heroes, but yea it’s something. That argument can be made, no doubt. Outing yourself to a lifetime of hate, with no real reward.

this is why I love this site any other site and turd would have people screaming for his death instead of having a logical debate about his post

Have no fear. The laws are in the midst of changing to accommodate those who have wicked intent toward children. For those who find the sexualizing of children to be distasteful, you will be shamed and berated. Just wait.

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