Unhealthy Competition: Driven To Anorexia

 I Am Bored Unhealthy Competition: Driven To Anorexia

A TEEN anorexic starved herself to just FIVE STONE in a lethal weight loss competition with her sister. Courtney Grimshaw, now 24, was just 12 when she started to restrict her eating to be thinner than her ‘popular’ older sister, Rebecca – then 14. Rebecca would often tease Courtney about her weight – calling her ‘fat ass’ and a ‘fat pig’ – but the consequences were devastating. Courtney lost three and a half stone (56lbs) in the space of a year and by the age of 15 she was skeletal. The sisters initially competed to be the slimmest – eating just 350 calories each a day and exercising compulsively for hours. But it wasn’t long before Courtney was pushing her body to its limits.

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Le me preface my comments below by saying I used to be severely underweight, like really not OK underweight. In my case there were no self-image/ self-esteem issues but I just stopped being hungry. Not eating eventually makes you less hungry and it spirals out of control and requires medical intervention. That said…

She looked prettier than Kim Kardashian. The problem is she wasn’t Asian or she’d have been considered healthy. 100lbs is about the maximum weight I’d consider attractive.

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