University Resident Advisor Emails Students About Importance Of Female Orgasm… Well It Is Important, Right?

A resident advisor at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has been formally reprimanded after sending an email to several hundred undergrads in which he expounded upon the importance of the female orgasm.

According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, 26-year-old residence hall director Jude Legiste, who improbably holds a master’s degree in higher education/higher education administration from Louisiana State University, decided it was a good idea to include a bit of unsolicited sex advice alongside the usual reminders about game night and kitchen clean-up.

Via the Journal Sentinel:

The email went into graphic detail about the difficulties of “a large majority of women” to reach orgasm from intercourse alone. “As few as 7 percent can climax regularly from this method — and worse, some men don’t seem to even realize it!” said the email sent by Legiste…The email included crude, salacious descriptions of how to achieve orgasm through different methods, with little context as to what prompted him to send it or why any student would want to read it.

“Bless you for reading: Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn is a crucial first step,” the email said.

A few hours after his initial email, he sent a follow-up acknowledging his unprompted PSA was “polarizing” and merited further discussion:

“Some viewed it as helpful and an honest conversation on a topic that rarely gets discussed,” Legiste wrote. “Others see it as offensive, creepy and that it was not my place (as the hall director) to send it in the first place. I want to validate all those feelings. So let’s talk about it.”

To his great surprise, the emerging adults in his care were all “let’s not and say we did,” and some students and parents even went so far as to file formal complaints. UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow — who noted there are plenty of sexual education forums available on campus for those who choose to seek them out — called it “colossally unprofessional” but stopped short of firing him, as that would have involved a hearing in which everyone would have had to hear even more of his thoughts on the matter.

However, a formal letter of reprimand was placed in his file. It was only then that Legiste saw fit to apologize:

In his formal apology to “the entire Drake community” on Sunday night, Legiste said his mission is to create a community in which people feel safe and welcomed.

“The email I sent out earlier this week was the antithesis of everything I want Drake to be. As your hall director, it is my job to role model appropriate behavior, inclusiveness and develop community. I failed you in all those aspects and more.”

This is hardly the first time Legiste has shown poor judgment. In a 2013 blog post the University of Wisconsin hopefully did not read before hiring him titled “Dating Students? Why Not?”, he ungrammatically explored the complex (but not actually) issue of whether or not you should fuck the students at the educational institution at which you are employed. Conclusion:

Life is too short to not pursue what you want. If you do decide to pursue this, I say good luck and have fun.  If you don’t, I completely understand. And If I do, rest assured you won’t ever find out here :-)


Aside from the obvious crime of using an emoticon in a blog geared toward graduate students, it’s clear this fellow is a little too interested in the orgasms of his female advisees. If I were Gow, I’d put him on a one-way bus back to creepsville where he belongs and never speak of this incident again.



University Resident Advisor Emails Students About Importance Of Female Orgasm… Well It Is Important, Right?

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Don’t worry, that tie alone will guarantee he doesn’t get any.

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