University Sued For Creating ‘Hostile Environment For Men’

University Sued For Creating ‘Hostile Environment For Men’


In a lawsuit seeking more than $175,000 in damages, a male student claims the University of Chicago has an “anti-male gender bias” and “routinely portrays a large portion of their male students as sexual predators.” The New York Daily News reports the student, named only as John Doe in the lawsuit, was accused of sexual assault by two female students. Despite being found innocent by the university in both cases, John Doe claims he was the victim of a “fundamentally unfair, arbitrary, and capricious disciplinary procedure” and that the university violated his rights under Title IX. According to Chicagoist, John Doe claims the university disciplines male students “who accept physical contact initiated by female students.”


The University of Chicago was recently accused of not doing enough for female students who had been sexually assaulted, but John Doe’s lawsuit claims the university has now gone too far in the other direction, the Chicago Maroon reports. He says the university did nothing when the two women called him a sexual predator online and in public, leading to the protest of a theater production he directed. He claims the university ignored a Title IX complaint he filed against one of the women after she filed a similar complaint against him. The lawsuit states he was even removed from a physics class he shared with one of the women at her request. In addition to suing the University of Chicago for creating a “hostile environment for men,” John Doe is also suing one of the women.



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About time too. This has long been a problem on all western universities.

It’s sad you need litigation to restore balance, but the ends justify the means.

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