UPDATE: A 19-Year-Old Hacked PornHub, And Apparently Sold Control Access To The Site For $1,000


Remeber this post from yesterday?

A hacker by the name of Revolver, who is purportedly a 19-year-old as reported by Vice’sMotherboard, just hacked into, and somehow managed to gain the ability to control the site.

CSO Online reports on how PornHub apparently came to be compromised by the “underground researcher”:

On Saturday evening, an underground researcher running the 1×0123 Twitter account offered command injection abilities and shell access to a subdomain on Pornhub for a mere $1,000 USD.

The offer included two images in order to demonstrate access to the Pornhub server, and when asked how the shell was uploaded, 1×0123 said a vulnerability in the user profile script that handles images enabled the shell’s upload.

However, 1×0123 stated the user profile flaw isn’t related to the recently disclosed ImageMagick vulnerability.

So, yeah, in laymens terms…dude essentially has control of the site at his disposal, need be. Wild, because just last week, the porn magnate announced a program deemed a bug bounty, which aimed to “encourage friendly hackers to report flaws and vulnerabilities into the site and help get them fixed.” .

Just minutes ago, the hacker who solicits his contact information as “[email protected]” announced that he has sold access to PornHub. As in, he just pawned off the keys to the Pussy Wagon for a mere grand.×0123/status/731625184457818113

And now we have no clue who’s in the driver’s seat. Wild.

These were the prior tweets Revolver sent out regarding the hack.×0123/status/731627800814321664×0123/status/731622179922706432
Damn, guess the bug bounty really pissed him off or something. We’ll keep you posted with how this matter plays out, because we understand the vital nature of PornHub as a resource to our readers.

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