UPDATE: 25 High School Football Players Filmed Themselves Having Sex With Teen Sex Trafficking Victim

Sex trafficking victim filmed having sex with 25 high school football players

We first brought you this story last week, but now some disturbing details have come to light.

The community of Fort Myers, Florida, is in shock after video surfaced online of 25 high school football players taking turns having sex with a 15-year-old girl in a South Fort Myers High School girls’ bathroom stall. According to Fox 5, the incident took place after school on May 17.

WBBH reported that a rep for the Lee County School District said that 16 students were disciplined for the “inappropriate activity” but didn’t specify what the punishments entailed. “A bunch of football players went into a room with a girl and had sex with her, and a bunch of the football players were suspended,” said student Alex Bailey. “So we might not have a football team this year.”

Way to focus on what’s important, kid.


There are a million reasons why this scenario is disturbing. Aside from the fact that a video of an underaged girl having sex was uploaded to the internet, there’s the question of consent. Did this girl have sex with an entire football team willingly, or was there coercion involved? Is it more accurate to deem what happened a gang rape rather than sex, which implies consent? All of these circumstances are upsetting enough before you factor in that the girl was apparently a sex trafficking victim.

The girl’s mother got in touch with WBBH and informed the local news that the girl in the video was a former victim of human trafficking. The mother declined to appear on camera or give her name, but a woman who worked with the girl talked to reporters.

“I had heard a lot about the incident through the news. I heard it, and thought there are some red flags,” said Megan Estrem, CEO of Be the Light, a group that advocates of behalf of sex trafficking victims. “What’s upsetting about this is this behavior is not uncommon for human trafficking victims.”

Estem claims that the girl was held captive as a sex slave for two years by a human trafficker after she ran away from home at the age of 13. She had been attending the high school for all of two weeks before the disturbing bathroom incident occurred.

From WBBH:

“She was not equipped to make a stable, rational decision in that situation,” said Estrem.

Her mother said the girl went to the boys bathroom to talk to a boy she had a crush on. She said the boy wanted sex, and her daughter complied. Then, word got out.

“She did not sleep with 25 boys in the bathroom. There was only a handful that she did sleep with. In this case, it was more of a spectator sport,” said Estrem.

It lasted an hour and ended because the students involved had somewhere else to be.

“She has been in an environment where she has been told to behave a certain way, and there were severe consequences if she didn’t,” said Estrem.

The girl’s mother has since pulled her daughter out of school, and authorities are investigating the video of the incident. Aside from the fact that filming an underage girl having sex is a crime, there’s also the horrifying notion that a small army of boys ganged up on a girl, took advantage of her trauma and vulnerability, and recorded video of the whole sociopathic display. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida


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