Urban Outfitters Got CRUSHED By The Internet For Selling A ‘Shirt’ That Literally Covers Nothing

Urban Outfitters is well-known for some of their, umm, odd choices when it comes to some of the clothing they try to sell.

So it’s without a terrible amount of surprise that they were back once again trying to sell yet another “questionable” item of clothing.

This time Urban Outfitters tried to sell a shirt to women called the Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug.

Extreme is right, because it is little more than a small piece of fabric with a description that reads…

“The ultra-sexy way to layer with this teeny cropped tank top by Out From Under. Cropped above chest for the coolest layered look featuring a crop neck and thin shoulder straps.”

“Cropped above chest.” LOL…uh, okay.

Naturally, the internet had thoughts and Urban Outfitters has since removed the “shirt” from their web site. Wonder why?


No idea.



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