US Air Force Demonstrates All-Electric Hexa Flying Car

Texas-based LIFT Aircraft, member of the Agility Prime “Air Race to Certification,” recently demonstrated their advances in electric vertical takeoff and landing flight (eVTOL) at Camp Mabry, August 20th. The Hexa aircraft boasts 18 independent rotors and can seat a single pilot. It has been designed for various purposes on a number of different terrains. It can even float on water by using its four buoys.
You won’t need a pilot’s license, as it can be operated by just about anyone with the proper training, which mainly involves using a three-axis joystick. The technical work is handled by its triply redundant autopilot computer. So far, LIFT has conducted 600 test flights with a total of between 10-15 hours flight time.

The thought of an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle — a flying car — might seem straight out of a Hollywood movie, but by partnering today with stakeholders across industries and agencies, we can set up the United States for this aerospace phenomenon,” said Col. Nathan Diller, AFWERX director and Agility Prime lead.

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As a pilot, all this talk of decongesting traffic is a total joke. Take the LA basin for example. It’s hard enough to thread your way through all the airspace and follow all NOTAMs and TFRs with a training and careful planning. Not stuff the electric scooter brigade can handle.

Also, a company I worked for built a helipad on the roof at great expense, but would the Hong Kong authorities grant us a simple certification? Nope. It turns out they had a secret policy of not approving civilian helipads.

15 minutes of flying time won’t get you to 7-11 and back unless the store is two blocks away or less..

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