Vegan Lifestyle Blogger Totes The Benefits Of Semen Smoothies Everyday For Energy And Health Benefits

Vegan Lifestyle Blogger Totes The Benefits Of Semen Smoothies Everyday For Energy And Health Benefits

Tracy Kiss, a vegan lifestyle blogger and personal trainer enriches her diet by drinking her friend’s sperm every day, and she’s encouraging other women to do the same.

The British single mother and personal trainer, ingests a semen smoothie daily for the health benefits, which she claims are increased energy and a boosted immune system.

Shortly after turning vegan, she noticed a drop in her energy levels:

I’ve been vegetarian since the age of five and turned vegan almost three years ago and pretty soon after I noticed a big drop in my energy levels. I constantly felt tired, could hear my heartbeat in my ear, got out of breath doing simple exercises and felt faint when turning corners too fast for which a blood test diagnosed me as anaemic due to my choice of diet.

After careful research online she found that semen has many health benefits:

thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content with a single teaspoon containing over two hundred proteins (our bodies building blocks which strengthen and repair hair, skin, nails, tissue and bones), minerals and vitamin C (essential for supporting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer and strokes and improving skin elasticity), vitamin E, vitamin B12 (combatting tiredness and assisting red blood cells), calcium (for strong teeth and bones as well as heart and muscle function), chlorine, citric acid, fructose, potassium (supporting the heart and kidneys, the nervous system and metabolism), lactic acid, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

Tracy also uses semen for facial beauty mask

In the interest of beauty I see semen as being a fresh, active and stimulating ingredient, which gives my skin the glow and freshness that I require for a healthy skincare regime for my sensitive condition.

I mix an egg white with a few drops of lavender oil to give the mask its consistency and durability to cover my face, it also helps it to smell nice and can be stored in the fridge until needed. After washing my hands and face I take a towel and place it around my shoulders before titling my head back and applying the semen mask to my chin, cheeks and forehead with my fingers. My chosen method is to apply the semen in a circular massaging motion to ensure that it is evenly spread across my face and just like any mask you must take care to avoid the eyes, nose and mouth. Some ladies may choose to have it applied directly to their face on their behalf by their partner, however being a spinster, and in the interest of research, I require strategic placement in controlled areas to achieve optimum results. I then close my eyes and put my feet up with my semen face mask in place to avoid any movement or runs, waiting fifteen minutes or so before washing it off with warm water.

Afterwards my skin is fresher, brighter and looks and feels so much better. My makeup sits nicer on my skin without cracking or caking, and my skin tone is improved and less reddened as it cools and soothes my face.

Tracy procures her supply of semen from a close friend and has asked for his consent before consuming it:

Before consuming the tubs of semen that he drops off to me a few times a week for my facials I thought I should first check that he was ok with me now drinking it rather than just using it as a face mask. I suppose when you’ve already breeched the subject of using a friends semen as part of a beauty regime then it’s not as surprising to ask their permission to drink it too and thankfully he was fine with it. We’ve been friends for quite a few years now and have never been anything more, there’s no perverseness involved, no unrequited love or sexual interaction whatsoever. It’s a case of putting something to good use that would have otherwise been wasted anyway.

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