Vegan Shows Dedication To Telling Everyone She Is Vegan With A Huge Face Tattoo

Could've smiled like but it was a half decent selfie x X

Posted by Kate Alice on Monday, June 26, 2017

I’m one of those people who loves tattoos – I know there’s quite a few of us – but I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to have one done on my face, like vegan Kate.

For most of us who adorn ink, there’s usually a meaning behind them – in my case, which I’m sure many could relate to, there’s my love of football with my team’s initials as well as lyrics from my favourite band.

I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing to show your love of something, or what you’re passionate about, whether it’s family, a partner, music or religious beliefs etc.

Yet one woman made the brave decision to put what she’s passionate about across her face.

Kate Bullen – or Kate Alice as she’s known – took to Facebook to post an image of her latest tattoo – the word ‘vegan’ on the side of her face.

Kate, from Lancashire, has unsurprisingly been subjected to abuse from the world wide web following her latest inking and even the tattoo artist who gave Kate her art had to delete the picture she posted.

Kate’s post (January 25), was simply captioned:

Got a suicide awareness and vegan tattoo today, love em [sic].

Got a suicide awareness and vegan tattoo today, love em

Posted by Kate Alice on Thursday, January 25, 2018

On Facebook, Kate’s friends seemed to respond well to her latest addition.

John Sakars wrote:

Wonderful! I love that you’re so passionate about veganism, animal rights, compassion. <3 I think your tattoos look great!

While another wrote: ‘I f*cking love you girl’ to which Kate replied:

Aw man I love you too, gotta stick up for what you’re passionate about haven’t ya [sic].

As you can probably imagine, Twitter users seemed to be at the opposite end of the scale – but a defiant Kate retweeted the nasty responses:

Brad Loram clearly couldn’t cope with the thought of someone having a word inked on their face and wrote to his 860 followers:

Stop the world I’m getting off!

Jordan McCrea, the tattoo artist responsible for Kate’s tattoo also received criticism and took to Facebook to lambast the keyboard warriors.

In the post he wrote:

The amount of negative comments I’ve had to delete on the picture of the vegan tattoo is f*cking disgusting.

Who is anyone to take the p*ss out of what someone chooses to eat, never mind their reasons or what they do to show they’re proud of it.

So f*cking what if someone wants to get a vegan tattoo on their face? I nearly didnt do this tattoo because I knew the reaction it would get but I thought f*ck what other people say, however I was correct and there have been people tagging their friends and having a good old laugh at the girl.

The amount of negative comments I've had to delete on the picture of the vegan tattoo is fucking disgusting.Who is…

Posted by Jordan McCrea on Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jordan finished her post by saying:

Although I am not a vegan and will most likely never be one, I really respect her for fighting for what she believes in and being proud to show it off, and doing so without ONCE pushing/trying to ‘convert’ me the way everyone seems to thing all vegans do.

She respected me and I showed her the same respect by doing the tattoo she really wanted and had done for a while, and making sure the whole process was vegan friendly, and listening to her talking about it.

Jordan makes an excellent point, which is relatable to a lot of other situations – not just Kate’s.

dead eyes

Posted by Jordan McCrea on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Yet in Kate’s sense, are people honestly so bored with their lives they poke fun of what people do – and berate an innocent woman for standing up for what she believes in?

Fair play to Kate for making a stand! Her body, she can do what she wants!

She’s seemingly happy with it and that’s all what matters.
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