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Vegans And Vegetarians Actually Help Kill Animals, Here’s How

Vegans And Vegetarians Actually Help Kill Animals, Here’s How


This article is going to piss a lot of people off, but at the end of the day it’s the truth and that’s all that matters. 

Countless times I have walked through the cities of England and noticed vegan/vegetarian protests and marches typically involving a handful of angry anti-meat eating folk shouting repetitive chants and holding placards with grisly pictures of animals being inhumanely slaughtered on.

But are vegans and vegetarians actually helping to rid the world of such a mass and innumerable number of animal deaths? According to one of the world’s most renowned naturalists, Claudio Bertonatti, they most certainly are not, reports PlayGround.


Claudio used to be vegetarian in an attempt to ‘avoid killing so many animals’, hell Claudio was even the managing director of Buenos Aires Zoo but resigned after his plan to turn the zoo into a conservation centre for endangered species wasn’t allowed.

But just how do vegans and vegetarians still end up killing animals? Well according to Claudio, by eating just veg, the two v’s are promoting a culture where vegetables are protected – and to keep veg protected means killing the birds and animals which naturally come to feed from the crops; such is the cruel industry of food.


Speaking to PlayGround, Claudio explained the moment he realised that vegetarianism was not a good idea:

I began studying nature and going out to the countryside to observe wildlife. I noticed that in the fields of agricultural crops there were no birds, and the few that were there were being persecuted. Then I started studying amphibians, mammals, reptiles and fish and I realized that I’d been confused.

As a vegetarian, I was helping to prevent the death and suffering of domestic animals, but not of wild species. And many of these species – unlike cows, pigs and goats – were disappearing.

In Argentina, I encounter many people who claim to be defenders of nature because they don’t eat meat or wear leather. They think that by being vegan or vegetarian they’re preventing animals from dying. It’s not true.


Claudio continued:

From the moment that humans began to raise cattle and adopt agriculture we generated an impact. There is no animal species whose survival doesn’t result in the death of other animals, whether directly or indirectly. I understand that this can be a painful realization. I’d also like to live in an ideal world, but that’s not the reality. Many vegans and people who only wear cotton seem to believe they don’t cause any deaths, but they do.

Wheat, rice, corn. Most vegans eat these things. The first impact of mass cultivation is deforestation: we force nature out to make room for crops. In Argentina, they set fire to the jungle, burning nests with flamethrowers. Then they must defend the sown land from the birds who come to feed; many landowners do this by scattering poisoned grains. After that, the wild herbivores come looking for the first shoots, so the landowners put up electric fences or hunt the animals down with guns.


Sadly that’s not all as during the harvest season animals are only further driven away from the land where they ought to be:

[During harvest] the land is fumigated to combat fungi, insects and other plants. The animals that have been driven out move on to other areas which already support animals: the hotel is fully booked. So, the animals go to neighbouring crop fields and another wave of impacts is generated.

There are lots of wild grasslands in Argentina. You can go for a walk there and find everything: amphibians, reptiles, birds. Of course, I’d be lying if I said there’s the same variety of animals as you’d get if the cows weren’t there. The farmer also persecutes wildlife and kills any animals he considers harmful to production. Even so, the impact is less. When I say this, a lot of people feel I’m cornering them.


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