Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include

Venom 2: 8 Things The Sequel Must Include


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Despite receiving backlash from critics upon its release, Venom proved something of a hit at the box office, making $205.5 million worldwide in its first weekend alone – a new record for an October opening weekend.

As such, it seems incredibly likely that the film is to see a sequel – especially with a new potential villain being teased in the first film’s end credits.

With this interesting possible storyline, and with what is sure to be a solid budget behind it, there’s real potential for Venom 2 to really build on its original – so long as SONY go about it the right way…

8. The Tag Team Development

Marvel Comics

One of the most interesting things about Venom was that it contained fight scenes where one half of the person fighting had basically no idea what was going on.

With a couple fights under their collective belt, seeing some fight scenes where Brock and Venom work together – instead of Venom saving a very bewildered Eddie – is sure to prove fascinating if pulled off well. The fights – all questionable motion blur in the final aside – are arguably one of the best parts of the first film, as they show off the more alien aspects of Venom’s move set.

Given a sequel is likely to have an even larger CGI budget – and a creative team who’ve had time to learn how to use Venom’s design to its absolute best – we’re hopeful that the next time Venom crosses tentacles it’s for a more ambitious take.

7. Actual Horror

Marvel Comics

Though Venom 2 doesn’t need to be the next Friday the 13th, the promised horror aspects of the character should be explored further. With the first film establishing the grotesque shenanigans the symbiotes are capable of, seeing them run at their full sinister potential is sure to enhance the overall atmosphere of another film – so long as the comedy and horror are properly balanced out.

This wouldn’t necessarily need to make the sequel a horror film – after all, the original did have its spooky moments, just that these moments were clearly toned down for concerns they might alienate audiences. However, these audiences seemed more bothered about a lack of horror than anything else, and so there’s a good chance that this will be changed in the sequel, should Sony heed the feedback.

With such a naturally nightmarish main character, it seems only natural that a sequel could and should play up the frightening alien aspects of Spider-Man’s answer to the Predator.

6. Brock’s Old Job

Marvel Comics

The Venom backstory we see within the first film is unique in that it’s roughly based around rewritten versions of the Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiote storylines respectively – versions without Spider-Man, of course, and also tragically without some classic 90s mullets.

While this approach set the tone quite solidly for how the relationship between symbiote and the fleshy host works, there’s one thing neither of these stories can be seen to influence in regards to the film; Eddie Brock’s backstory. It’s only natural to question what exactly the reporter’s full backstory is, as we already know it isn’t the same as the comics, since Brock’s breakdown wasn’t caused by being fired from the Daily Bugle.

With this break from the norm, we can only hope that the mysteries of Brock’s past are filled in by the sequel – although it does open a can of worms about who plays Peter Parker.

5. Comic Inspiration

Marvel Comics

As previously mentioned, one thing Venom does right is drawing parts from its comic sources to influence the film itself.

With an absolute catalog of Venom comics still available to choose from, it would be almost self-defeating were the team working on the sequel to not use at least one or two.

While it’s not yet definite that Maximum Carnage is going to be a heavy inspiration, there’s still plenty of opportunity for classic Venom comics like The Hunger to be used – not to mention the Carnage spin-off material that is sure to be chock full of inspiration.

Even less fitting comics like Agent Venom could have a reference or two snuck in, should the team behind the film be feeling particularly devious. There’s almost limitless potential for nods to comics in the film, and that in particular is especially exciting.

4. Symbiote Info


If there was one thing that was a little weird about Venom, it’s this: despite being the name of the film, we don’t really learn that much about Venom himself. Eddie Brock is supposed to be the hero of the story – but that doesn’t mean we can’t get details on his fun new pal as well.

While we don’t need baby photos and bank statements, it’d be nice to get a little more insight into the Symbiote’s background – mainly so we can figure out stuff like if he can still possess cars, get sentient viruses, and do all the other various shenanigans that make the character so dang fun.

Even if we find out that Venom is limited to the conventional tentacle powers, it’s still worth being aware of – even if that’s just so we don’t get our hopes up about Venom showing up as a sweet motorbike at some point in the future.

3. Carnage (Done Right)

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As the Venom post-credits scene reveals, the villain role of the sequel is to be taken by the glorious ginger locks of Cletus Kasady – known perhaps better as the fresh nightmare that is Carnage.

Of all the characters that could have been introduced as the film’s antagonist, Carnage is unmistakably the perfect choice – a character with a ton of interesting history, but not a history so crucial that ignoring parts of it would ruin the lives of the fanbase.

This said, there is also endless potential for Carnage’s role to be a total let down. With serial killer characters being maybe one of the most common types of villains in film and comics alike, it would be very easy for the ginger menace to slip into any of the million clichés found in both. So long as Carnage stays true to the tone of his comic appearances, however, this should be safely dodged.

2. An R-Rating

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While the Venom director has suggested the Venom sequel doesn’t ‘need to be R-rated’, there’s still hope for the film to realize the potential that the original maybe doesn’t.

An R-rating – or at least, more than a PG-13 – would allow the film to either go into full horror film territory, or follow in the footsteps of Deadpool as a more adult comedy – either of which would suit the source material significantly better. Although ideally a film can be made so that people of all ages can enjoy it, it is at its core a film about a terrifying alien that just really loves murdering people – which doesn’t convert to be child-friendly awfully easily.

There’s still potential for Sony to pull off a family friendly Venom film, sure – but with a serial killer antagonist, the real question is – why would they want to?

1. Pictures Of Spider-Man (And How He Fits In Canon)

Marvel Comics

Though our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is unlikely to be popping into the Venom sequel anytime soon, that doesn’t mean the series needs to pretend he outright doesn’t exist – after all, it’s not like the two franchises had a bad breakup or something.

Indeed, getting some kind of rough idea into how exactly Venom fits into the Spider-Man universe would make the film far more enjoyable. It’s no great tragedy if the series isn’t intended to fit into the extended Marvel universe – in fact, it’d arguably be more interesting to build a separate universe, given the film has a different tone to the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

With the initial film appearing to be tailored to fit either the MCU or its own private universe depending on how negotiations between Sony and Marvel go in the future, the question of where Venom fits is still very much bein decided. With these talks hopefully having been carried out by the point of the next film, a heads up on what direction the franchise is going in is absolutely crucial.

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