If you want the best coverage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce by someone who actually knows what the hell they’re talking about (read: not me), click over to Lainey Gossip who made the astute observation yesterday that Brad Pitt can’t come out swinging against the child abuse allegations because Angelina Jolie might have receipts. And guess what?

Angelina Jolie has receipts. Us Weekly reports:

According to insiders, Pitt can be seen on video “looking drunk” and “yelling.” The footage is reportedly from Wednesday, September 14, after the Jolie-Pitt family’s jet stopped for fuel at Minnesota’s International Falls Airport.
“Brad is seen yelling a lot during it, but nothing physical,” one source tells Us of the footage.
Another source tells Us that Jolie and Pitt allegedly got into a heated exchange while aboard their private plane. “He got drunk and was fighting with Angie,” the source says. “Maddox stepped in to defend Angie and got in Brad’s face.” A source close to Pitt notes that “teenagers have fights with their parents, especially when you have teens who are strong-willed and confident. You’re going to have back and forth.” The insider also adds that “the abuse suggestions are inaccurate.”

Here’s where things get tricky because I know some of you are going to get pissed that this story isn’t shaking out to be Angelina Jolie is a crazy bitch doing crazy bitch things to a poor, unsuspecting man. Brad Pitt and his team are actually copping to him being drunk on the plane and not exactly handling his shit, which I’m going to read as he totally tried to drive off in a fuel truck. No one can take that away from me. PEOPLE reports:


Pitt “was drunk, and there was an argument between him and Angelina,” says the source. “There was a parent-child argument which was not handled in the right way and escalated more than it should have.”
The source says Pitt did not hurt his son. “He is emphatic that it did not reach the level of physical abuse, that no one was physically harmed. He did not hit his child in the face in any way. He did not do that; he is emphatic about that. He put his hands on him, yes, because the confrontation was spiraling out of control.”

In the meantime, Brad has lawyered up and will fight for joint custody, according to TMZ, which is actually what Angelina Jolie eventually wants if he can put down the sauce. E! News reports:

E! News has learned the 41-year-old actress doesn’t intend for the custody situation to remain permanent. Rather, we’re told she believes it’s what’s necessary right now, and she knows she and Pitt will need to co-parent together in the future for the sake of their children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Viviennne.

So basically both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt admit that he got drunk on a plane and things got way out of hand, so she made the decision to remove the kids from that situation until he gets his shit together. I mean, I know people hate Angelina Jolie, and blah blah blah she has a checkered past, but isn’t this exactly the kind of thing everyone always tells women to do and/or calls them stupid because they didn’t do it before something bad happens? Goddammit. That said, I will sell Photo Boy’s vital organs if there’s footage of Brad trying to steal a fuel truck. Preferably while yelling, “Don’t tell me I can’t fight a kid, Heroin Skeletor!”



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