Video Games That Were Wracked With Scandals –

Video games are officially mainstream. In fact, they’re so mainstream there’s practically a video game for any interest. But the industry has also seen its share of scandals, and some games have been so plagued with scandal that it breaches our collective cultural awareness. Let’s talk about these games, which were positively riddled with scandal.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had its infamous “Hot Coffee” scandal, where a sex mini-game that had been left out of the finished product was found in the game’s code. How big of a deal can one incredibly awkward, ugly video game sex scene be?  Copies of the game were destroyed after reaching stores.  Sex is a big no no.


Mortal Kombat


Video game violence was once highly controversial. You could make a pretty good living going from TV appearance to TV appearance, blaming things like Columbine on video games, or “murder simulators”, as they were known at the time. One of the original hot button games was Mortal Kombat, a game with controls that paled in comparison to Street Fighter II but was just as popular due to its ridiculous over-use of spurting blood and “Fatalities”. Then, to top it all off, there was the unused code that players discovered that would’ve allowed the player to play a mini-game where they’d have to successfully seduce and have sex with Goro. He’s not even human!


Destiny 2

Destiny 2 doesn’t have one single scandal, but instead a whole bunch of small scandals which could be pretty much summed up as the same mistakes developer Bungie made in the first game (and some new mistakes they somehow avoided in the first game?). And on top of all that, they made customers livid by adding microtransactions to a game they’d already paid a full 60 bucks for. And the microtransaction that has people REAL angry is definitely the one where you can pay to unlock a bunch of hidden sex scenes. Like, either make them free, or don’t put them in the game at all!


Leisure Suit Larry

The overt sexuality of this early PC gaming franchise about a huge dork trying to get laid a bunch had a lot of people up in arms to begin with, then it was discovered that the game also had secret sex scenes that people didn’t originally know about! You just don’t expect that from this type of game!


Mass Effect

Conservative media such as Fox News and TownHall.com have created quite a stir over the sex that exists in the original Mass Effect trilogy, and gamers were very upset when they were way more boring than they’d been led to believe. This alien sex IS UNACCEPTABLE.  IT MUST BE HOTTER.



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