Video Of Man On Swing Causes Huge Debate Over Which Direction He’s Swinging


Over the past few years, many things have sparked debates over the internet. Who could forget “the dress?” Then of course there was “Laurel or Yanny,” and plenty of others too. Now, a video of a person on a swing is causing a huge argument because no one can tell which direction the man is swinging in.

Like the debates that came before it, there are two sides: one that is absolutely certain he is swinging towards the wall and the other that is positive he is facing the camera. Neither can believe anyone can see it the other way.


The video asks people to like it if they think he is facing the camera or comment if they think he is facing the building, and with a few thousand comments and over 50,000 likes, it seems the camera-facers are the majority.

Some people even created diagrams to help prove their point:


Others used logic:

Others wrote things like, “How is he facing the camera, I’m trying so hard to see this. Some scientist needs to come and explain this because I’m starting to think he’s a ghost or a glitch in the matrix,” and “It’s not even physically possible for him to be facing the camera. which human’s legs can swing that far behind their own hips while sitting?” Another stated, “When has a swing set ever faced a building? Case closed.”

Well it actually might have been put to rest thanks to a screenshot from the clip. It shows the swing’s crossbar covering the man’s face, which means he has to be behind it, so he is indeed facing the camera.

Even with what seems like solid evidence, the debate continues to rage on.

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He’s facing the building! The screen shot is obviously a photo shop trick…

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