Video Of Raped Teen Tied Up, Gagged And Left To Die In Shipping Container Getting Freed

Video Of Raped Teen Tied Up, Gagged And Left To Die In Shipping Container Getting Freed


Nikitah Beadman, 17 – from Queensland, Australia – had been dating Robert Galleghan for three months when things turned sour and Galleghan began to show abusive qualities back in 2012.

She tried to leave the relationship many times but every time she did so Galleghan – who was 12 years her senior – threatened Nikitah and her family.

But Nikitah wanted to try and keep things civilised and so attended a party at his house.

Things took a sickening turn for the worse when she arrived with Galleghan instantly becoming furious with her when she said the relationship was over.He threw her against a wall and battered her head into a coffee table.

Nikitah recalls: “I knew what was going to happen. He always said he’d bury me out there. I actually thought I was dead.”

Friends at the party tried to calm things down but Galleghan threatened them with a knife and they left.

The disturbed man – knowing the police would most likely be on their way – dragged Nikitah to the shipping container behind his house.

Galleghan then proceeded to tie her to a trolley using sharp wire fitted around Nikitah’s neck.


He then gagged her with her underwear, wired her mouth closed and wrapped her in a blue yoga mat to prevent her from breathing.

Not content there he took more wire and raped Nikitah in an attempt to disfigure her.

She said: “It was not in a sexual way. In a torture way so I couldn’t have kids.”

Galleghan also stomped on her stomach repeatedly.

Police soon arrived but Galleghan attempted to convince them he himself had been assaulted and wanted to go to the station to make a statement.

Although at first persuaded by Galleghan’s story officers had a hunch to stay and were soon proved right when they heard a quiet scream in the distance.

On further exploration they discovered the shipping container and rescued brave Nikitah.

Harrowing footage of the rescue sees a desperately scared Nikitah tied up tightly in the dark as an officer asks: “You all right love?”



“I’m so glad I heard you. It’s OK.”

On seeing the footage for the first time on Tuesday (September 13) Nikitah said: “I remember being there and I remember seeing it from a 3D perspective.

“Something pulled me back.”

At the time of the assault Galleghan was on parole for assaulting an officer and was also known for attacking a man with a samurai sword.

He was also on a wild combination of Valium, alcohol and painkillers when the incident took place and pleaded guilty to authorities.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison on August 5 this year and Nikitah celebrated the plea on social media writing on Facebook: “It was a liberating feeling hearing and seeing this man the defendant Robert James Galleghan stand up and plead guilty… It’s finally over.

“I now lay at peace… I thank all the people that have supported me through this. Justice has finally been served.”


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