According to multiple reports, three men dressed as police officers stormed into a boxing weigh-in at the Regency Hotel in Dublin yesterday morning, opened fired with AK-47s, injuring two and killing one of the bystanders.

The Independent had more details:

Dozens of young children, women and men dived for cover after two men burst into a hotel lobby firing shots at will.

Outside the hotel, a third gunman was seen roaming the area firing another shot while he warned an innocent man – who happened to be walking nearby carrying shopping – to “get out of the fucking way”.

An investigation is ongoing in and around the hotel as to what the motive was, as the weigh-in was for an MGM BoxNation event scheduled for the following night, with Jamie Kavanagh vs. Joao Bento and Gary Corcoran vs. Danny Butler on the fight card. The BBC is reporting that event is now cancelled.

Per The Independent, here are further details:

One witness told independent.ie the gunmen had ‘GARDA ERU’ in yellow letters on the back of bullet proof vests.

Their faces were completely covered but they spoke with “strong Dublin accents”.

The gunmen escaped the scene in a van which was found burnt out in the Charlemont Estate shortly after the incident.

The men are understood to have then escaped on foot through St Vincent’s GAA club towards Killester.

Gardai arrived at the hotel minutes later – a witness described the scene as “absolute pandemonium”.

More details will certainly come out in the coming hours and days, but here’s to hoping the shooters are tracked down.

Video Shows Moment Three Men With AK-47s Stormed Into A Dublin Boxing Weigh-In And Opened Fire: Two Injured, One Dead

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