Viral Tinder Couple Finally Meets After Texting For Three Years

Viral Tinder Couple Finally Meets After Texting For Three Years

If you are a regular reader of the internet, you may remember a Tinder conversation that went viral earlier this month between two college students who kept up a joke that they were too “busy” to actually meet in person.

The two students, Josh and Michelle, would periodically text each other excuses for not responding to the other’s previous message. There would often be months in between texts, and their conversation has gone on for three years now.

The joke came to the internet’s attention earlier this month, when Josh tweeted out a screen shot of his Tinder conversation with Michelle. It quickly went viral.

Well, the wait is over. On Tuesday, Josh and Michelle actually met in person for the first time. On national television. The two were introduced in a segment on Good Morning America.

You can watch the adorable (and yes, slightly awkward) clip below.

According to Cosmopolitan, when Tinder caught wind of Josh and Michelle’s conversation, they offered them a romantic getaway to a destination of their choice. They decided on Maui, and met on Good Morning America before taking off to Hawaii.

Man, we hope they can tell their grandkids about this one day. Even if they don’t end up together, it’s still a pretty funny story. (But like, we really hope they end up together.)


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