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Virgin Is Willing To Have Sex For The First Time On National TV

Ashley Iaconetti is ready to lose it — her virginity, that is.

After weeks of pining (and serial stalking) “Bachelorette” alum Jared Haibon on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise,” the ballsy brunette wants to take their relationship to the next level — and needs host Chris Harrison’s help to do so.

But following her arrival, Jaclyn Swartz, Paradise’s latest visitor, makes an immediate play for Jared, much to the dismay of Ashley I.

“I’m not going to let her take Jared away from me,” seethes Ashley. “I’m winning him over. Tonight is literally do or die.”

While Jaclyn sinks her claws into an unsuspecting Jared (better known as Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “reject”), Ashley channels her inner Sherlock Holmes to hunt down Harrison. As luck would have it, the “Bachelor” patriarch happens to be lurking nearby.

“I want time alone together with Jared without any cameras, so I would like a date that would lead to the Fantasy Suite,” protests the New Jersey native. “I want an overnight date with Jared, because there is just no more time left.”

Feeling generous, Santa Harrison gifts Ashley an early Christmas present.

Just as Jaclyn asks baby-faced Jared out on a date, Ashley leaps back to the Mexican compound with a seductive offer of her own, sparking the brown-eyed cutie’s fancy as he agrees to a sexy sleepover.

“I am so happy. I’m really nervous, but I’m also excited,” Ashley exclaims like a giddy schoolgirl. “This is one of the biggest nights of my life.”

As Jared chugs what’s left of his cocktail, Ashley primps and preps in her bungalow — fantasizing about what lies ahead.

“Tonight’s a huge night. I feel like it’s the turning point for my relationship with Jared,” the self-proclaimed virgin professes as she dabs her lips with sultry red gloss. “The Fantasy Suite usually goes along with thoughts of sex. I am physically attracted to Jared enough that I am fine with the thought of doing anything.”

Rocking a Taylor Swift-inspired crop top with black skinny jeans, Ashley takes Jared by the hand as she gets ready to go behind closed doors today.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight,” she says, “but I may not be a virgin tomorrow.”



Virgin Is Willing To Have Sex For The First Time On National TV

One reply on “Virgin Is Willing To Have Sex For The First Time On National TV”

(1) That’s a psuedo-reality show pandering to ratings

(2) It’s typical female manipulation. I bet by the end of the show, she’ll declare that she skipped her period.

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