Virginia Woman Calls 911 To Report BIGFOOT Sighting

As everyone knows you call 911 when there’s a break-in, a medical emergency or, you know, a Bigfoot.

So it’s no surprise that a  woman in in Bedford County, Virginia, called the sheriff’s office dispatch to report a Bigfoot sighting two days prior, reported ABC 13 News.

Starting off with the always-calming disclaimer “I know this is going to sound crazy,” the caller claimed she’d been driving when she came upon the unusual roadside sight of a Bigfoot carrying a “baby” Bigfoot in its arms. She further claimed that she returned to the scene the next day and found appropriately big footprints, each twice the size of her feet, adding that “the stride was longer than anything I could make.”

Well that just about settles it then.

Of course, Bigfoot is no stranger to the headlines. There was that time scientists analyzed his “DNA” and that time he was accused of throwing rocks at campers. Then there are the Bigfootesque creatures out there that turn out to be “bipedal bears.”

According to ABC 13, the caller retained her anonymity so as not to gain a certain type of reputation in the neighborhood, i.e. as the type of person who ties up emergency phone lines with Bigfoot calls.

That being said, if she really did see the legendary behemoth she should be applauded for taking action. As we’ve seen before, heroes who warn the public about the dreaded Sasquatch are rarely appreciated.

For more news on the elusive lumbering man-ape who may or may not exist see our extensive prior coverage. – ABC13


Virginia Woman Calls 911 To Report BIGFOOT Sighting

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