Voices Of the Dead: The 10 Eeriest Ghost EVP’s Ever Captured On Tape

Our desire to communicate with those who have passed over has long been part of our history. From times of antiquity when we sought oracles to provide answers to séances held in Victorian parlor rooms where mediums and psychics would deliver direct messages from spirits that lingered nearby. There has always been the belief that we can communicate with the dead and today, a popular method is to use electronic recording devices to capture ghostly, disembodied voices, otherwise known as of EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

Whether or not the audio is truly a form of communication with the dead – or something else entirely – the results seem to be quite real, and in the case of the following ten EVP’s, incredibly spine-chilling too.

1. The Sallie House Investigation

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas is well known as one of the most haunted houses in America. In 2012 during a live broadcast in the house of a paranormal investigation led by Live Scifi, the team encountered dark forces they claim to be demonic in nature. Using experimental recording techniques they captured some terrifying EVP’s during the night long investigation.

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2. “Hello”

The world famous Stanley hotel in Colorado is as well known for its otherworldly guests and strange going’s on as it is for being the inspiration behind Stephen King’s horror novel The Shining. In this video clip, the guys from Ghost Hunters tv show are exploring the employee passageway (in the dark of course) when they hear a ghostly voice call out a greeting.

3. “Help Us”

In 2010 the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA) conducted a paranormal investigation aboard the Queen Mary, the most haunted ship in the world. During a search of the 1st class pool area the paranormal investigators captured a woman’s voice calling desperately for help. The area is notoriously haunted, with visitors regularly spotting apparitions of women and children.

4. “We’re Not Dead”

We once again join the the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA) who in January 2010 conducted a paranormal investigation of Linda Vista Community Hospital with the Los Angeles Paranormal Association. The EVP’s in this clip were collected in the hospitals basement hallway which leads to the morgue. When investigators asked how the spirits were associated with the hospital their recording equipment picked up a chilling reply.

5. Villisca Axe Murder House

In 2009 the paranormal team APRA enterted the notoriously haunted Villisca Axe Murder House to investigate, and it did not disappoint. Far beyond all expectation, the team captured on tape what appears to be the Moore family pleading for their lives. Although other investigations that have taken place at the house have captured similar audio recordings, none have been so clear or so chilling.

6. “Leave That Girl Alone”

While this is the shortest audio recording on the list, it’s no less chilling especially when you learn the backstory that goes with it. Recorded by the American Ghost Hunters group during an investigation of Erie Mansion in Clyde, New York. This notoriously haunted location is the former home of suspected serial killer Bill Ely, who reportedly murdered countless numbers of women in the mansion. While the investigators were in the home, they thought they heard a whimpering sound of a young girl and encouraged the spirit to come forward and talk when they recorded a growling voice telling them to “Leave that girl alone!” Did they captured Bill Ely still trying to control his victims from beyond?

7. “I’m One Down Here”

During a 2011 paranormal investigation of The Cafe Sport in Swinton, Greater Manchester, UK, Project Reveal recorded an EVP of a whispering voice beckoning the investigators to come down into the basement. If that’s already not chilling enough, according to their group skeptic, he was standing next to the recorder and didn’t hear anything while they were recording.

8. Glen Tavern Inn

Here we are with yet more paranormal evidence captured by the American Paranormal Research Association (APRA). Recorded during a two night investigation of the famously haunted Glen Inn in Santa Paula, California, the unknown voice of a woman singing was collected as the investigator entered room 218.

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9. “Get Out”

The Hellfire Club sits atop Montpelier Hill near Dublin, Ireland. It has long been left abandoned but it’s said in the 18th century it was once a place where men met to practice Satanism and make sinister pacts with the Devil. Undeterred by its notorious history the Kilkenny Investigative Paranormal Society (KIPS) went to investigate. Among the many impressive EVP’s collected during their investigation, this clip contains the clearest audio of an unseen force telling the investigators first to “get out!” and then “take one of us”.

10. The Hotel Investigation

In January 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters based in Syracuse, New York, were invited to investigate an old hotel in upstate New York (The owners of the hotel have asked to keep its location confidential). The investigation proved to be one of the most intensely active the group has ever encountered and produced an EVP that is remarkable not only for its length, but also for its terrifying content.


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