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Did She Waist-Train Herself Right To The Hospital?

Did She Waist-Train Herself Right to the Hospital?


Maybe those waist-trainers actually do impact your body, huh.

Princess Shyngle (that’s just her name, not a title) is a Ghanaian actress with the sort of waist-to-ass ratio that, well, most people will never achieve. She’s posted to Instagram about using a waist-trainer. Experts doubt that waist-trainers, when used as directed, do much more than earn money for those selling them and potentially boost body confidence.

Plenty of people think that women like Shyngle or Kylie Jenner use them and have incredible figures, so it’s worth a shot. There are a lot of women who would love to have anything even remotely resembling this figure. Even if any reasonable person understands that her body is a combination of genetics and diligent efforts on her part:


Well, now Princess Shyngle’s been hospitalized with some kind of kidney disease. And some are quick to point the finger at her waist-trainer.

Anyone who wears one day and night will have the usual effects of chronic corset use. Experts warn that certain muscles will weaken with disuse, while some internal organs will shift their positions. You know, because your abdomen’s being compressed unnaturally. So we get why people were quick to draw a connection between the waist-trainer and her kidney disease.

But … this is a woman dedicated to keeping her famous, fabulous figure. She exercises daily and she is “always on a diet.” We don’t know the details of her nutritious intake, but some combinations of diet and exercise can lead to pretty serious kidney problems. Plus, you know, sometimes they seem to just happen.

We guess that none of the usual suspects for kidney disease read quite as sexily as blaming the current waist-trainer fad. Plus, you know, “squishing your organs is damaging them” sure sounds real.





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