Waitress Caught On Surveillance Camera Having Sex In Restaurant At Closing Time

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Now I totally get what Semisonic was talking about when they sang Closing Time.

People sure do love having sex in places they might get caught, as I’m sure it brings a much needed spark into their relationship. I’m assuming that is what the Houston realtor who was caught having sex in a house she just sold was aiming for. I’m also assuming that was what the couple who was caught getting down and dirty inside of a bank in Spain was aiming for, too. And while this isn’t a sold house or a bank, this pair was caught having sex in a restaurant.

But hey, the place was closed and they were alone. They thought.


The footage, captured inside of a restaurant in Northeast Thailand, shows a woman riding some dude with long hair like there’s no tomorrow. Now the video says that the guy in the video is a customer, but since there is no way in hell we can prove that he was a customer, we are just going to take a stab in the dark and say that he was just some dude who didn’t have cash for a tip…so he just offered her sex. And she accepted.

That’s plausible, right?

Now I said earlier that these lovers thought they were alone, and they thought wrong, as another waitress comes in out of nowhere, making the pair quickly stop having sex.

Check out the slightly NSFW video below.

There’s only one way to end this post…


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