Walmart Fires Old Lady For Taking Dollar She Found On Floor

Walmart Fires Old Lady For Taking Dollar She Found On Floor


Let’s get right to it: Walmart may have low prices, but the giant company is a joke.

Frankie Ruffino, an 84-year-old grandma who worked at Walmart as a greeter, was recently fired for the most absurd reason: pocketing a dollar she found on the ground. Ruffino had work at the Walmart in Brenham, Texas, for almost ten years when she got word that she had been terminated.

“I found a dollar bill on the floor, just one dollar bill,” Ruffino tells KHOU, adding that she found the dollar in one of the aisles as she was getting ready to close up for the night.

Once Ruffino arrived to work the next day, her manager asked her if she had “found some money yesterday?” And once Ruffino revealed she did, this is what Ruffino said her manager said:

“She said, ‘I need your badge and your vest,’ you have been let go because of your integrity.’ I said, ‘How am I going to push my walker and walk myself outside?’ I needed the job to take care of myself.”

Damn, that’s cold.

Walmart of course had not response to this at all, but it’s tough to envision a scenario where anyone defends a massive company run by awful humans over an old woman who has worked for 70 years and needs an oxygen tank to live.

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Was there supposed to be a video near the bottom? There’s just a big empty space.

84 year old has to work to pay for oxygen. Ah, the American Dream!

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