Walmart Doesn’t Want To Make Money Off That ‘Snorting Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Ass’ Shirt But Amazon Does!


Different strokes for different folks has always been my motto. Some guys enjoy cuddling up by the fire with a good book. Others enjoy cuddling up by the fire and snorting an alligator tail off a stripper’s rear end. It’s not my place to judge which preference is more virtuous. I’ll leave that to the big guy upstairs.

But in a world where instant outrage is king, as a corporation, you may want to steer clear of selling merchandise that may incite the easily-offended. Because they always yell the loudest. No one knows that more than Walmart, as they had to remove the sale of a t-shirt that reads ‘I’d Rather Be Snorting Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Ass.’ Subtle. The shirt was made by Hollywood Threads, a Walmart partner known for making inflammatory merchandise.

It’s tragic that they discriminate like that. Those who want to rips rails off hooker’s asses are people too, ya know.

Mashable contacted Walmart and got a response from Bao Nguyen, who works in media relations for Walmart Global eCommerce and Technology.

“Wow. This obviously has no business being on our site,” said Nguyen. “We’re removing it ASAP. Thanks for calling it out.”


When talking with Nguyen on the phone, he explained how Walmart’s partnerships with third-party retailers like Hollywood Thread work.

After a seller is approved, Walmart outlines to them its detailed policies of what is and is not allowed to be sold on Walmart’s site. Whenever an approved seller uploads an item, it goes through a filter to make sure no trigger words get flagged.

Nguyen mentioned that Walmart also has a trust and compliance team who look at the site every day for anything that may have snuck past the filter.

He agrees that the shirt in question is in violation of Walmart’s policies.

“We apologize to anyone who was offended,” Nguyen said.

Here is Walmart’s official statement regarding the shirt: “This obviously has no business being on our site. It wasn’t sold by Walmart directly, but by a third party sellers on our marketplace. It’s in clear violation of our policy. We apologize to anyone who was offended by the item and we’re removing it immediately.”


Several other Hollywood Thread shirts sold on Walmart’s website also err on the side of offensive and misogynistic



What’s up with that?


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