Warwick’s Rowing Girls Release Nude Calendar

The Warwick University women’s rowing team is back with a naked calendar featuring the girls on the team for a third year in a row to raise money for charities in the United Kingdom.

Despite Facebook trying to ban their images for sharing “inappropriate content” the girls have gone ahead and released their calendar anyway, especially since they already had pre-orders.

The women’s rowing club at Warwick University has stood firm in the face of critics,who called them tacky and attention seeking, as well as being branded “porn” by the social media network.

“We haven’t changed our approach towards the calendar dramatically this year,” Sophie Bell, one of the stars of the calendar said. “We’re proud of what we have achieved, which includes raising over $10,000 for Macmillan, promoting gender equality and providing healthy, athletic role models for young women.”

“Having said this, we have endeavored as always, to make sure that the calendar is as tasteful and discrete as possible, and I think the pornography criticism has made us ensure we continue to maintain high standards.”

So is this porn or not? How would you classify it?

Of note: The University of Warwick men’s rowing team has also sold a naked calendar since 2009 to raise money supporting groups that fight homophobia, so why not the ladies as well?

Purchase your calendar at warwickrowing.organd chat to the girls on Twitter – @nakedgirlsrow. You’re welcome.


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