Twitter users called Jessica Simpson “drunk” during her live broadcast on HSN Thursday night.

Twitter users called Jessica Simpson “drunk” during her live broadcast on HSN Thursday night.

Home shoppers got more than they bargained for Thursday night when they tuned in for Jessica Simpson’s latest collection.”Jessica Simpson is drunk on HSN right now. Is anyone else seeing this?” reads the title of a YouTube clip uploaded early Friday, which shows the singer-turned-fashion designer slurring her way through her live Home Shopping Network debut.Despite accusations that she was inebriated, a source tells the Daily News “she was not drinking.”Simpson appeared on HSN’s “The List with Colleen Lopez” to plug her 10th-anniversary clothing and accessory line, the Jessica Simpson Collection.

The clip shows Simpson teetering on her heels and gesticulating wildly while describing the “Kiss Me” super-skinny gray jean from her collection.

Ashlee is like, the best at wearing gray,” she said emphatically of her singer-songwriter younger sister. “She’s very rock-and-roll, but there is something about a gray that’s like, sexy.”

“Maybe it’s her and her husband that share jeans; I have no idea,” she continued, shrugging and swaying. “I don’t know, there’s something hot about them.”

If Twitter were a jury, it would have returned a “drunk” verdict.

“I am 99% certain that @JessicaSimpson is 100% inebriated on @HSN right now,” wrote user @Scampidino, one of dozens on social media who speculated about her sobriety during the broadcast. “Wowza.”

Some even admonished the network for keeping Simpson on air.

“Please pull @JessicaSimpson off air,” @TheLadyRockwell tweeted at HSN. “Inappropriate. #jessicaonhsn #drunk #sad.”

“You need to put Jessica Simpson to bed!” said @dsergenian. “I hope she doesn’t fall over.”

A rep for HSN provided a statement about Simpson’s appearance in an email to the Daily News.

“It was fun to have Jessica make her HSN debut with her mother, Tina, last night,” he said. “We were happy to host them and thrilled with the way customers responded to the collection.”

Was Jessica Simpson Drunk during HSN Debut? Twitter Accusations Say Yes – YBTJ


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