Watch An ‘Insect’ Life Form Walk On Mars In New NASA Footage



This video claims to have conclusive proof that life already exists on Mars, blowing all the previous alien conspiracies literally out of this world.

Hawk-eyed believers have spotted something rather unusual in the latest footage from NASA’s Mars Mission.

As the Curiosity Rover drilled into the Red Planet’s surface, it seems to have unearthed a moving insect-like figure.

The grainy black and white time-lapse images show a black mass seeming to scuttle away into the depths of Mars’ craggy crust.

The footage was taken on 29 January 2015 (Sol 882) as the Curiosity Rover collected samples from the enigmatic planet’s surface.

After the clip was released on NASA’s website, YouTube channel Mars Alivepublished a video – that has since gone viral – pointing out the mysterious movements.


While some truthseekers are adamant the moving object is a scorpion-like creature with legs, naysayers have countered claims saying the object is likely to be debris kicked up by the drill.

The footage is dividing opinion, with everyone seeing exactly what they want to in the stills. Meanwhile NASA are staying quiet on the sighting – which I should mention has absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever.

It’s like the fluttering flag on the moon landing all over again.

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