Watch That Racist Lawyer Get A Dose Of His Own Medicine As Reporters Harass Him


Racist Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg  got internet justice in record time on Wednesday. At lunch, he decided to attack two women for speaking Spanish to each other, threatening to call ICE, and by dinnertime, his name was trending nationwide on Twitter and his law practice’s Yelp page hilariously trolled.

On Thursday, around lunchtime, reporters tried to catch up with him and see if he still stands behind his statements.

Racist Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg ultimately decided to hide under his umbrella up against the wall and appeared to be calling for reinforcements, insisting that he had been accosted.

“They’re yelling, they’re claiming things that aren’t true,” Schlossberg cried into his phone, cowering behind is big umbrella. “They’re grabbing my personal items. … Defaming me. I can’t even move, because they’re blocking me.”

“You are free to go!” one of the reporters yelled. “We don’t have that sort of authority whatsoever… Nobody’s within even three feet of you.”

The irony is frickin’ delicious.

It turns out that Racist Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg doesn’t appreciate being yelled at or grilled about his identity.

Reporter Andrew Ramos caught up with him later at a courthouse, and he was considerably moe calm.

It turns out that being a bigot could have consequences (other than getting elected president): Congressman Adriano Espaillat filed a formal complaint against him, insisting that Schlossberg’s “audacity to profile and verbally assault innocent bystanders and customers in a public commercial location is a violation of our civil society.”


 was caught running away again, this time in a different outfit, and it’s even more hilarious.

In completely unsurprising news, a new video has been uncovered that shows the racist lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg, who freaked out at employees speaking Spanish at a busy midtown deli, being racist to someone else. In fact, activist Shaun King tweeted that he’s received a total of 13 reports of “people being targeted & harassed by Attorney Aaron Schlossberg throughout New York City from 2015 until this week.” He added that many of the people took videos.

The video King tweeted is a disturbing one in which Schlossberg confronts an American male named Willie on Fifth Avenue and calls him an “ugly fucking foreigner.” He also threatens to call the police on him for walking on the wrong side of the street. Wow, this Schlossberg is really a piece of work.

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