Watch This Drunken Dipshit Talk Himself INTO A DUI


This mind-numbing video clip comes to us via the Cops TV show, which I had no idea that it was still even being made. But goddammit, this show is still a treasure trove of idiots.

In this episode of Cops we learn the invaluable lessons that you can’t drive drunk, you can’t drive reckless if you’re drunk and you should shut your goddamn piehole if you are drunk and pulled over by a police officer for reckless driving.

The young man driving tells the officer that he was spinning his tires because one of his passengers had never been in a muscle car. The very polite officer could relate because he had a ’74 Gran Torino AKA car from The Starsky & Hutch when he was a kid.

“I’m a little drunk,” he says. “I’m drunk.”  Don’t drink and drive people. And shut your goddamn yap.

Watch This Drunken Dipshit Talk Himself INTO A DUI

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