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These Were The Most Watched TV Shows Of 2016

These Were The Most Watched TV Shows Of 2016

The Nielsen ratings for 2016 are in, and we now know what the top 10 most watched TV shows of 2016 are as well as the most watched single telecasts of the year. It will come as no surprise that the Super Bowl was the most watched single telecast of 2016, with an estimated 112,576,000 people tuning in to watch Peyton Manning throttle Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Below, I’ve shown all of Nielsen’s 2016 TV ratings news. This includes the top 10 single telecasts, top 10 TV shows, and top 10 TV shows ranked by largest % change in viewers (compared to last year). One thing I’ll note is that CBS took 6 of the top 10 spots for Most-Watched TV Shows of 2016, with The Big Bang Theory once again coming in at #1.

The Most Watched TV Shows Of 2016





I won’t lie to you guys, I admit I have never watched The Big Bang Theory at any time, ever. So if some of you fans out there want to fill me in on why it is so great please do.

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Of that list I’ve only seen Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul. Here in the UK I think Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2 was the the big winner. Apparently in the 16-25 demographic it wiped the floor with the various mindless talent shows, which gives one some much needed hope for the future.

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