‘We All Need The D,’ Says World’s Worst Public Health Campaign


The Yukon is way up north in Canada. Way, way, up north. So north that it part of the territory borders on the Arctic Ocean. Santa Claus probably takes weekend getaways there. That being said, the winter nights can be long and dark. Naturally, a great way to fight the vitamin D deficiency caused by the lack of sunlight is by taking supplements.

With that in mind, Yukon’s Health and Human Services decided to get the word out about the benefits of Vitamin D supplements. However, they were probably wringing their hands over how to get millennials to give a shit about bone density. So, they shorted the vitamin down to the hip abbreviation, “The D.”

As Adweek pointed out, the masterminds behind this campaign seemed blissfully unaware as to what “The D” actually means in the common vernacular. The campaign seems to have gotten through its complete vetting process before it hit the streets, thereby giving the world a wonderful gift.

This poor lady can’t handle all that D.

According to BuzzFeed Canada, it looks like Yukon’s Health and Human Services finally caught on, because the link to the PDFs on the government site is now dead. Looks like the D has been deflated.







‘We All Need The D,’ Says World’s Worst Public Health Campaign

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