For the better part of the decade, has released the results of their annual Singles In America survey, which has become one of the most respected polls in the dating industry. This year proved no different. For the 2016 edition, 5,054 singles were polled and many insightful discoveries were revealed. For instance, the fact that online daters are 93 percent more likely to get married than other daters. See? That’s a big deal! In addition to this significant piece of information, these are some of the most revealing findings from this year’s survey.

1. Food And Drink Can Greatly Impact Your First Date
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
The first date could be the beginning of something beautiful. Alternatively, it could also be the beginning of the end. To ensure it’s the former, take her out for dinner or drinks. Those who don’t do either on a first date were found to be 107 percent less likely to go on a second date.

Don’t know where to go? Grab sushi — this alone increased chances of a second date by 107 percent. Add a few cocktails for another 137 percent. If sushi’s not your thing, no problem. “Expensive restaurants” better your odds by 50 percent.

2. Men Don’t Expect Sex After The First Date
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
Despite the fairer sex possibly believing otherwise, men for the most part don’t expect to have sex on the first date, only 6 percent said they do.

But to better your odds at getting laid, know that 60 percent of singles prefer an evening date. Also worth mentioning: 39 percent want to do their date on Saturday night, but 34 percent prefer Friday night. As for what women want at the end of the first date? It’s a kiss. Fifty percent of men and women said a “good” date should end with a kiss. But don’t take things any further. Only 7 percent of women want to make out at the end of a date.

3. Politics Plays A HUGE Role In Sex And Dating Success
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
Knowledge of politics is power! Talking about politics proved to better the chances of a second date by 91 percent. And despite being taboo first-date conversation, 80 percent of singles believe chats about politics, money and religion are fair game.

Singles into politics proved to be a freaky bunch. Fifty-seven percent of them were more likely to explore an open relationship and were 110 percent more likely to engage in a threesome. A threesome!

Who you support proved revealing as well. Hillary supporters were 129 percent more likely to drink wine and 606 percent more likely to be gay. On the other hand, Trump supporters were 79 percent more likely to drink beer and 82 percent more likely to be unemployed. Who’s side are you on?

4. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby:
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
Three-quarters of us had lost our virginity by 21, while 44 percent of us had cashed in our v-cards by 18. As for how many people we’ve dated, 50 percent of people have had six or less partners, and as many as one in four people have had sex with an ex. A lot of people, 46 percent, are into the convenience of a “friends with benefits” relationship. And who can blame them? No strings.

While “friends with benefits” is something of a millennial creation, baby boomers are no prudes. They were found 118 percent more likely to have a one-night stand on vacation and 53 percent more likely to have a threesome compared to millennials.

On the other hand, 165 percent of millennials are more likely than baby boomers to have filmed sex and are 236 percent more likely to be totally drunk for their first hookup. Also, in case you ever wanted to, 16 percent of women are open to the idea of making a sex tape. Looking for a location to film? Forty-eight percent of men have had sex in public. So if you’re not part of that large minority, get on it!

5. Let’s Find Out More About Ourselves:
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
According to those who sleep with us, here’s what the ladies are looking for in a partner. For younger men, ladies like their men with beards (43 percent), but many also like him clean-shaven (73 percent). While 40 percent of women appreciate a man who manscapes. As for older dudes, ladies like him grey (55 percent) and clean-shaven (77 percent). Also, a surprising 34 percent are down with the dad bod.

As for what men want, a good amount of us want children. Twenty-seven percent of guys said they are “sure” they want kids someday. Men were also found to be 66 percent more likely to imagine a future with a lady on a real date, and 50 percent of men are also a-okay with dating an ex’s friend, though only 25 percent of women are.

6. Millennial Buzzwords Prove Effective As Well
We Learned Many Things About Sex From A Survey
Want to score a second date by doing next to nothing? Sure you do. Sometimes, all you have to do is say the right thing. Match’s survey revealed the following buzzwords prove to better your odds at a second date: “Netflix and Chill” (99 percent), “Bae” (64 percent) and “Ghost” (63 percent). Seems easy enough; just toss some of these words into conversation. Boom. Done. She’s all yours.



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