We Need Your Opinion – Take The Chaostrophic ‘Add To The Chaos’ Poll

 We Need Your Opinion – Take The Chaostrophic ‘Add To The Chaos’ Poll

Firstly, we here at Chaostrophic would like to thank all of our loyal members and contributors.

Thank you for sharing our posts (sharing is caring) on social media and with your friends.  Sharing is the lifeblood of our site and we appreciate every click you have brought us.  You are helping keep the lights on and the site pumping.

Thank you for voting, commenting and viewing the content everyday so that we know that you still love us.
We love you too… in a creepy ‘do I need a restraining order?’ kind of way, but there is no need to call the cops… we’re completely harmless. It just makes us happy to know you are lurking our pages.

The site is growing and thanks to you guys we are well on our way to world domination.

Soooo…  If you’re not a member yet, join us now – or suffer the consequences!



Back to business. We need to pick your brains and get your opinions on what you do and don’t like.

Maybe there are things you would like to see on the site? So please answer the 100% anonymous poll questions below and help us get a grip on how to serve you better and give you all the internet you need and desire.

You can click the button below to bring up a popup version of the poll that is suppose to tablet and phone friendly.  Best I can do for right now.

[polldaddy survey=”8814497E47AF5A00″ type=”button” title=”Take The Poll Here” style=”rounded” text_color=”FFFFFF” back_color=”B52F2F”]
[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”8814497E47AF5A00″ height=”auto” domain=”electriceye11″ id=”chaostrophic-member-feedback”] If I missed anything that you think should be addressed, please leave it in the comments below.

Thank you again everyone, your wants and needs are our number one priority on Chaostrophic, because quite frankly we want to be your number one favorite site.


Your favorite in-your-face no-personal-space website.


If you are feeling generous and would like to help speed up these improvements, or just like what we do around here and want to contribute, we have a Paypal donate button below to facilitate the new and beautiful, better functioning

Any donations will go to the features that are voted most needed by you, our Chaostrophic-ists… Chaostrophisicists… Chaostrophiclephysicist… Chaosites… Chaosers… dammit… you guys.

So If you are feelin’ us as much as we are feelin’ you, Click the Paypal donate button below.


12 replies on “We Need Your Opinion – Take The Chaostrophic ‘Add To The Chaos’ Poll”

Couldn’t read a lot of it. ”Interesting’ choice of font v background.

Well guys sorry about the font and the layout. I swear it looked good to me but that was at around 3 am last night and many beers. I would offer to go back into it and attempt to reformat everything so it would be better for you to read, but I am assuming that you have already completed it, thus the complaints. I will be glad to fix and reset your cookies if you want to redo it. Everyone here appreciates your feedback and thank you for participating in a very important part of Chaostrophic’s future. Feel free to write me if I can be of any the future.

I use an ultra wide monitor, without the sidebars this site would look like a tabloid.

The site is pretty good as is. Unlike IAB for which the load times are appalling, and content is lacking.

The one thing I’d change is the polling popup…… popping up after I have taken the poll.

Yea I know all about the Fing Popup. I spent the better of 3 hours building that POS and It still won’t work right. I agree totally and I apologise for the inconvenience. Cat wants as much feedback from the everyone on this survey so I decided to be a dumbass and attempt to…again…do something that I should not have tried to do. It is a real PITA but I will take it down when she says, which will be soon because she isn’t at all happy with it’s performance and neither am I. If we ever attempt anything like this again, trust me I will know how to code a popup correctly. We just need as much feedback as possible so we can fix the things that will bring members back everyday. With our limited budget one mistake and we could be in hot water. I agreed with Cat when she suggested it would a good way to make sure that everyone knew about the Poll and hopefully would participate. I hope you understand. Thank you for the compliment as well. I will take “Pretty Good” all day long at this point. Oh and FUCK IAB!

Okay l got on my phone and I can see what drawman and Argus are talking about. It is hard to see and I can’t answer all the questions on the poll. So I am guessing that this poll is not compatible with all devices.
Sorry guys we will try and correct it ASAP.
If anyone is having issues, give us a few and check back to try to take the poll again.

I got your email…I am on it. Ill update when it is fixed. Sorry

I got it updated. You all go take a look and see if that is better for you.

It basically still looks the same to me on my phone. Could it be cached? It is still doing this silver fridge looking thing. Looks okay on my desktop and laptop though.

Yeah it sucks to be drowning in money and hookers and sorely lacking in crime and war.

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