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Firstly, we here at Chaostrophic would like to thank all of our loyal members and contributors.

Thank you for sharing our posts (sharing is caring) on social media and with your friends.  Sharing is the lifeblood of our site and we appreciate every click you have brought us.  You are helping keep the lights on and the site pumping.

Thank you for voting, commenting and viewing the content everyday so that we know that you still love us.
We love you too… in a creepy ‘do I need a restraining order?’ kind of way, but there is no need to call the cops… we’re completely harmless. It just makes us happy to know you are lurking our pages.

The site is growing and thanks to you guys we are well on our way to world domination.

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Back to business. We need to pick your brains and get your opinions on what you do and don’t like.

Maybe there are things you would like to see on the site? So please answer the 100% anonymous poll questions below and help us get a grip on how to serve you better and give you all the internet you need and desire.

You can click the button below to bring up a popup version of the poll that is suppose to tablet and phone friendly.  Best I can do for right now.

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[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”8814497E47AF5A00″ height=”auto” domain=”electriceye11″ id=”chaostrophic-member-feedback”] If I missed anything that you think should be addressed, please leave it in the comments below.

Thank you again everyone, your wants and needs are our number one priority on Chaostrophic, because quite frankly we want to be your number one favorite site.


Your favorite in-your-face no-personal-space website.


If you are feeling generous and would like to help speed up these improvements, or just like what we do around here and want to contribute, we have a Paypal donate button below to facilitate the new and beautiful, better functioning Chaostrophic.com.

Any donations will go to the features that are voted most needed by you, our Chaostrophic-ists… Chaostrophisicists… Chaostrophiclephysicist… Chaosites… Chaosers… dammit… you guys.

So If you are feelin’ us as much as we are feelin’ you, Click the Paypal donate button below.


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