Wedding Cancelled After Groom Sees Bachelorette Party Footage

Wedding Cancelled After Groom Sees Bachelorette Party Footage

It was too steamy for him


Want to see just how raunchy the entire affair got ? Check out this video that one user managed to capture from Delva’s page before all the evidence was wiped clean.

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That’s from a DancingBear party video from about 6 years back, found the teaser clip on the hub of the porn (not sure if we can post links, but you know where I’m talking about) and shes at the 17 second mark in the clip (just a BJ in the clip but she’s in the same clothes, sitting on the same couch with the same cushions). It wasn’t a friend of hers shooting, unless she’s friends with their film crew. Strangely they don’t let random people (legally) fuck professionally, there are all sorts of blood tests and paper work before hand, otherwise there are a bunch of fun legal issues when publishing it. Granted her and the actress do look similar but I doubt it is her. And if it is her it’s not from her actual bachelorette party, but rather a bachelorette themed porn she was in.
video is at /view_video.php?viewkey=296462691 in case anyone wants to verify my research.
And yes, I realize I’m weird for this.

They do look really similar but they are not the same person. Or at least this is not from the same shoot because she doesn’t have huge hoop earrings in and the chick giving the BJ did I also think the color of the shirt is different in the 2 vids but the saturation of the color can change a whole lot in video so that one is debatable. Still I think they just look similar. Would be great to find more info and get to the bottom of it.

I find your knowledge of the porn industry both impressive and disturbing.

She is still wearing the earrings, they are black and get lost in her dark hair in this clip, but there is a second where she lifts her head to look down at the guy and you can see them. As for the color of the shirt it’s likely because it was a video of a video being taken with a crappy cellphone camera. And if it is a different shoot they managed to get the same couch, cushions, people in the background wearing the same clothes, and same girl sitting to her left and just switched her out.

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