Weed Grower Calls 911 On Himself After Hearing Random Helicopter

A Florida weed grower received a firsthand lesson on why you shouldn’t get high on your own supply when he heard a helicopter flying over his neighborhood and, figuring the jig was up, called 911 on himself.

According to Fox59, Jasper Harrison, 47, of Edgewater, heard what he thought was a police helicopter hovering over his neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. He also saw some cops lurking around. Assuming he’d soon be taken down by a SWAT team, Harrison called emergency services and turned himself in as a marijuana grower. “I’m the guy they’re looking for,” he told the dispatcher in an effort to be taken alive, then described where to find his storage locker full of goodies…into which he had locked himself.

Unfortunately for Harrison, the police were in his neighborhood investigating a suspicious death that had nothing to do with him, and the helicopter was only related to them in that it was a news chopper covering the story. But that didn’t stop the cops from following his tip and uncovering 150 grams of cultivated marijuana, nine plants and one terrified, self-clowning hippie. Harsh realm.

Harrison is now facing charges of “cultivation of cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school” and “possession of cannabis with intent to sell.” Also: Failure to hang, misdemeanor un-chillness and felony buggin’. Let his tragically bummed mug shot stand as a warning to all you cocksure big shots out there who would get high on your own supply during work hours.



Weed Grower Calls 911 On Himself After Hearing Random Helicopter

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