Weird Detailed Answers To Morbid Questions You Always Wondered About

Weird Detailed Answers To Morbid Questions You Always Wondered About


How do the morbidly obese take care of personal hygiene, going to the bathroom and things like masturbation?

I have been up to 800 pounds. I lost back down to 500, and then now I’m back up to 750. I am also 6’2” and pretty independent. I live alone.

This is going to be a pretty in depth explanation and I’ll be called a fat cunt or some shit, but it’s what I expect from the Internet?

I’ve never been bed bound or had to have help with hygiene. I do it myself. How do I do it? I’ll tell you.

When I was lighter I’d take showers like normal. I always have a detachable shower head to get in all the places. Now that I’m 750ish, what I do is sit on my toilet and get a washcloth and get a good soapy lather going. I wash everywhere while I sit down. I use a bath brush with a soapy washcloth to get my undercarriage. I usually do it, hot hot water rinse the cloth, and then do it again for about four times. I don’t like to be dirty — it freaks me out .

The toilet is right beside the bathtub/shower so I just lean over with my detachable shower head to wash and condition my hair.

After I’ve brushed my teeth and washed my face and rinsed my hair, I stand up in the shower to rinse off. To get my undercarriage rinsed I put my right foot on the side of the tub and bend over and point the water everywhere to rinse and then get out.

I put a towel on my bed and sit on that while I dry off my hair and body. I then deodorant and lotion and braid my hair and finish everything there.

To use the bathroom I have baby wipes. I’d always use baby wipes no matter what size I am. I use the same bath brush I use to shower with and then use soap and hot water and wash that while I wash my hands.

My period happens monthly but it’s not typical that very very large women have their periods still. What I do there is lay out a Chucks pad (some people use them as puppy training pads) on a towel on my bed. I put my left leg up on the bed and reach with a tampon with an applicator and everything slides in where it needs to and I don’t have to wear a blood diaper (a pad). I don’t wear underwear anyways, so that wouldn’t work anyway.

I shower once a day before I go to bed. I use lotion throughout the day and body spray and perfume once a day. I don’t like to smell and I have hair down to my ass, so it gets out of control if I don’t shower every single day.

Masturbation is pretty interesting, but fun nonetheless. I have a left hand I use on my bed while my left foot is on the wall. I also have dildos and one of those plug in “back massagers” I like a lot.

I work as an SSBBW model. If it exists, people out there somewhere want to fuck it — Men and women alike. You’d be surprised at the amount of closeted FAs (fat admirers) there are out there and I’ve had my share of people way out of my league according to society’s standards. From experience, the dorky lanky dudes are the best. I’ve made amateur videos with some of the hotter ones, but for recreational me time, those dorky shy guys are my pick.



What would happen if one half of a conjoined twin died? Would they both die or would the other twin assume full control of the body and just be parading their siblings head around?

Conjoined twins always die very close to the other.

Our bodies are riddled with bacteria, and our immune systems keep them in check. We decompose because when we die, there’s no longer an immune system to fight this bacteria, so the population explodes and consumes the body. When one twin dies, half of the immune system is knocked out, and the system of the living twin and their organs are flooded with bacteria. This is worse if the twins are mostly separated but, say, joined at the hip – the living twin has an entire decomposing corpse and all of its microbes connected to their body. It would be a very nasty way to die.

Also, conjoined twins often control certain parts of the body, which would extend to organs – if the dead twin’s brain is responsible for a single liver, then the living twin will die of liver failure. I don’t think a liver transplant would work because the problem isn’t the liver itself, but which brain it’s connected to.)

And no, the living twin can’t take over the other twin’s motor functions – dead twins are not jaegers. Their brains are not connected to each other in most cases.



How are conjoined twins punished in cases like self-harm/abuse and rape?

If we looked at Abby and Brittany Hensel, under the law they are recognized as two separate people. They each had to take driving test, written and manual, so I assume they have separate IDs and licenses. So under the court of law if one did a findable offense such as yelling fire in a movie theatre, only the perpetrator would be fined.

In more serious cases, it’s likely they would treat the other twin as accessory to crime or otherwise accomplice. A big thing to consider is how much control each twin has over their body. Abby controls one side, Brittany the other. So say if they stabbed someone with their right hand only, and the other was begging and pleading the other to not and offered no assistance, then perhaps the other would be exempt from charges. The most you could do is probably any non-jail sentencing, so things like community service, fines, and parole. However there is a reasonable line, like if they went out and committed a mass atrocity like a shooting, they’d be put to death regardless if one twin didn’t want to do it.

As for consent, again it depends if they share sex organs or not. Chang and Eng Bunker had two separate penises and anuses, so issue of consent was only a concern for whomever was the one performing the act. They have separate sperm producing facilities, so one half was a father and one was an uncle. Chang and his wife Adelaide had ten children; Eng and his wife Sarah had eleven. Adelaide and Sarah were sisters, if that’s relevant. They seemed to keep their sex lives separate. Abby and Brittany would be different. They have only one set of sex organs and share a pelvis. It would likely be up to the judge to determine whether or not a case would be rape if one wanted sex and the other didn’t. If anything I think they’d get mandatory psychological help/assistance. They seem to both agree they want to marry and have children, so they must have come to some sort of agreement regarding consent.

Since there is no precedent either way, it would probably be up to the judge. But they would be considered separate people under the law, so one could be charged and the other not with a crime.



Why are so many catholic priests pedophiles?

A. They aren’t allowed to be married and therego are not allowed to have sex. I imagine some priests just can’t control themselves when they see an easy target for sexual release.

B. You’d be surprised how many professions are chock-full of pedophiles. The Catholic priest issue has largely been brought up just because it is so hypocritical, but there are other professions that are even worse which go unreported. For example, until the past year or so, the Hollywood casting couch business (includes pedophiles, rapists, and other nasty people) had gone unnoticed to the public – largely because people didn’t care too much.

And saying that is not to say that Catholicism doesn’t have a big issue right now.



How does sex trafficking happen in the United States?

I am on the board at an anti-human (sex) trafficking non-profit who works with what we call “survivors” (formerly trafficked people). I live in the area with the highest human trafficking rates in the US.

Here is a classic example of what we call a Romeo. They come to a young person (generally women and girls, TBH) and all of a sudden act a perfect boyfriend. They come off incredibly strong and shower their potential victims with gifts and affection. They’re oftentimes much older or very “wealthy” and use this as a way to project authority into the relationship. Many girls love this because it sends a message of “how special” they are to have an older, wealthier man, but many feel the way you do as well, as if they “owe them” for all they are giving. All of this makes them more fearful to “screw things up” and are more prone to follow orders. Oftentimes, if they’re a minor (which they mostly are in the US), they’re told to keep the relationship a secret or at least be on the down low.

This romantic period could last a few days to weeks to months or even longer. This is where you are. But eventually, something flips. In the US, the overly wealthy boyfriend often comes to the girl in a sudden financial bind and says “Babe, if you just sleep with this one guy for money, you’ll save me and you’ll never have to do it again” followed by the usual “we’ll be together forevers.” The girls, in fear of disappointing their lover and feeling as if she “owes him,” do what they say. After that point, it’s a downward spiral. The boyfriend then becomes the abuser and trafficker. They get the women/girls dependent on drugs only they can give if they hadn’t gotten them addicted already. Then they feel there is no escape. The average life expectancy for a woman after being trafficked is 7 years due to abuse, drugs, and horrible sexual violence by “clients.”

This is actually the most common way sex trafficking is committed in the US. We tend to think of trafficking is only happening in poor, developing countries where girls are snatched off the streets. But like anything else, sex has a market. And different customers have different tastes. One man could want a poor ethnic woman, another a “wealthier-looking” white woman, another a European, and another a child. It doesn’t matter. To stay on the market, they recruit and use all types of women. I live in the wealthiest area in the country and you have upper class, white, minor girls being trafficked. They even still live at home in many cases. It can happen to anyone.



How does rabies make it’s victims ‘afraid’ of water?

The virus affects the entire body, and especially hits us neurologically. What happens when you’re thirsty and you see water? You salivate in anticipation of relieving that thirst. Salivation leads to swallowing, lest we drool. Well for someone in the later stages of rabies, swallowing becomes a very painful act…and as with anything painful, the mind tends to not want to repeat the act that leads to the pain. The Rabies virus causes severe muscle spasms in the throat, and even the sight of water can set them off. If that were happening to you, wouldn’t you be ‘afraid’ of water, too?

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