Weird Sex Questions Will Teach You Everything You Never Thought To Ask

Sexual trivia is just loads of fun. If you think about it, you probably know more about sex based its portrayal in pop culture, from sexuality in Game of Thrones to case studies on procedural shows like Law and Order, than you ever dreamed of learning in sex ed. But “How many women have posed nude on cable television?” and “What is the mandatory sentence for exposing yourself in a public park?” are relatively mundane questions with uninteresting answers. Nothing there makes for good conversation at the local bar. The informative Hite Report is an interesting study, but just how accurate were its results? Ms. Hite asked over 3,000 questions in her study, but made one inquiry that most other sexologists tend to avoid: Do you—the female—regularly achieve orgasm during intercourse without separate massaging of the clitoris? Now thats a question to use at the a singles event. Apparently only one out of four can climax without giving the little nub some extra attention. There you have it, the kind of sexual trivia we all want to know a little more about. To further your education and fill your mind with conversational sex questions and taboo trivia, I have compiled some interesting ice breakers for the next night out.


What is a hand whore?

This is massage parlor jargon which started in Phoenix. The masseuses ask their customers if they would like any particular part of their anatomy massaged. If the customer says yes, he is told to put the girl’s hand on the area. This helps protect the parlors from entrapment by the vice squad cops.


How many women will give their bosses sex to get a better job, a salary increase, or a promotion?

According to a Playgirl survey, 13 women out of every 100 will agree to give sexual pleasures in the interest of better employment.


Women report that they often fake orgasms, but how about men?

Yes, some men fake a climax on occasion. Few studies have been done on this, but Sexual Behavior of Italians notes that 19 percent of men and 46 percent of women confess to having faked orgasms. Men sometimes fake it when they can’t ejaculate again after having had intercourse that day, or hours, or minutes, before trying it again.


Who enjoys sex more, men or women?

It depends on which reports you prefer. Men like sex a lot more than women, a Maryland psychologist reported. A computer study of Playgirl readers notes that 78 percent of women feel that their sexual needs and desires are stronger than those of men. This columnist goes along with the females because many clinical findings point out that the woman climaxes almost all over her body while the male orgasm is centered almost exclusively in the pelvic area.


How much mouth manipulation of the penis does a man usually require before reaching a climax when he receives fellatio?

Women who perform oral sex on a man with competence usually get some 30 to 50 sucking motions before he ejaculates. The woman usually has to take only about one-half the length of the penis into her mouth to give a man oral delights, and this much is all the average woman can comfortably accommodate. Some women put one or both testicles in their mouth—in sex literature descriptions, illustrations, and in the X-rated films—when they give a man oral sex. But, this is nothing but genital grandstanding since it doesn’t contribute anything to the male’s satisfaction other than his woman being a show-off.

What is the sex act which prostitutes tend to enjoy the most?

Simultaneous oral sex—69—is the sex relation which prostitutes report enjoying most, even though they say it disrupts their concentration. They perform fellatio as their most common service, but when they are being given cunnilingus at the same time, they get really sexed-up fast. “I usually warn my customers,” a girl said. “If they want to eat me out while I’m giving head, I tell them they may not get their money’s worth because I get to enjoying it so much.”

How many women really enjoy playing with their vagina or teasing their clitoris in front of their men?

About one woman in three really finds it stimulating and satisfying to masturbate in front of her mate. This gives great sexual excitement to some men. They may get so hot watching their woman playing with herself that they climax. Some women, who masturbate in private, say they get a thrill out of watching themselves do it in front of a mirror.

How many women would like to try anal sex that haven’t tried it?

One survey says that 32 percent of women would like to give it a test, while some 58 percent of women say they have experienced it at least once. Most say there is some initial pain, but if the man is very gentle the pain turns to pleasure. Medical authorities point out that the sexual nerves run very close to the anus, thus giving the good sensations.

What position is the best for performing cunnilingus on a woman in a car?

There are two or three positions for those who have trouble with postures in a limited space. The man on the floor on his knees with the woman’s feet propped on the dash offers him good access between her spread legs. Another way is for the woman to rest her shoulders on the front seat and her hips and legs up and over the back of the seat. The man can stand in the back and lean over the seat and get his mouth on his mate. She can also recline in the back seat with the man between her legs, but this is not comfortable for tall people.

What should a man be doing while a woman is performing fellatio on him?

This depends on the position. If she is on her knees while the man is on his back, he can’t reach her very well. If she lies to the side of him, he may play with her genitals or her breasts easily. If she is on her knees while the man is on his back, he can’t reach her very well.If she is on her knees while he is on his back, he can prop a foot or a leg where she can mash her sexual organs against it. This pressure, if causing friction, will give her much satisfaction, often enough to get her to climax also.

 What is the truth about female fantasies during sexual relations?

Most stories and books about femme fantasizing focus on graphic accounts, most of them fiction. The most reliable researchers seem to say that only about half of all women have sexual fantasies while they are making love. Since one out of two women do so, it has a lot of interest. The number one fantasy deals with women thinking about someone else making love to them. Some 22 percent of women who fantasize think about another man. Group sex ranks second. Some 18 percent of these women crave being made love to by several men. Football teams often come into these replies. Forceful sex ranks next. They want muscle used to get between their legs. Another 13 percent silently wish that their mates would do something better or different in their sexual acts. One out of eleven would like to see other couples having sex or have their sexual loving viewed by others. Another 8 percent would like to have sex with a celebrity, usually someone in show business. And an equal 8 percent would like to have some sex with another woman. Sexual sadism showed up in some 5 percent of the women who enjoy fantasies. They wanted to be very aggressive and inflict a little pain with the pleasure.

Why do some men say that long hair offers sexual opportunities that short-haired women can’t offer?

Some off-beat loving has been known to get dramatic with women taking their long hair and entwining it around a man’s penis. They literally get it off with their tresses hugging his organ. Of course, a hand holding the hair helps, the participants say.


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