These Are The Weirdest Questions Asked In Sex Education Classes

The whole world of ‘sex’ can be a pretty dangerous minefield, particularly when you’re an inexperienced youth who still thinks that babies come out of mummy’s tummy.

I’m 25 and I still don’t get it all; in fact, I’ve only recently discovered what a clitoris is, and now I completely understand why no girl has ever wanted to sleep with me more than once.

Still, you live and learn.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone remembers those awkward sex education classes in school where you’d get taught about STI’s and how to put a condom over a banana – which is a pretty useless skill because I’ve never had to put a condom over a banana in my adult life.

Just another one of those pointless things they teach you in school like trigonometry or… science.

Those classes can be pretty funny though, and you’re always guaranteed to get one kid who asks a ridiculously stupid question.

Luckily, there’s several reddit threads (here and here) with some of the weirdest questions ever asked in a sex education class.

Some of these are hilarious:

“Do you put a tampon in your butt or your regina?”

“If I keep letting him pee on me will I get pregnant?”

“If I’m doing a girl in the butt and she farts, will my balls explode?”

“The teacher told us the average penis size. Girl beside me whips out a ruler, marks it and proclaims ‘That’s tiny!’ She then proceeded to ask if ‘the balls slide in too’ followed by a hand motion and a ‘schlurp’”

“How deep does the butt hole go?”

“Can you break a boner?”

“If semen comes out at thirty miles per hour, how fast does a baby come out?”

“When does my small penis drop off and my big one grow?”

“Why do girls pee out of their butt?”

“Does peanut butter make your boobs grow bigger?”

“Can you get pregnant from a dog?


Oh, thank God.”

“Can you get an STD if a guy jizzes in your ear?”

“Do girls poo?”

“So the teacher told us wearing two condoms is actually less effective because of the increased friction, and a top mind in my class asked ‘if you go fast enough, could you start a fire?’”

“Do you keep having to have sex to keep the baby alive?”

“We’re going to talk about a certain concept today. It starts with the letter ‘A’. Who know what we might be talking about?”

A 12 year old girl shouts across the room ‘ANAL!’

These kids don’t stand a chance…

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