The Weirdest Stuff Found On Osama Bin Laden’s Personal Computer


Six and a half years ago, forces raided Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, killing the 9/11 mastermind and seizing computers and files from his living quarters. Earlier this week, the CIA authorized the release of documents (that link will probably be down because so many people are trying to view it) showing what was on bin Laden’s computer at the time of his death, and there was some… odd stuff on there.

He Had A Lot Of Anime

It’s hard to imagine an old terrorist like Bin Laden sitting around playing video games, but it’s even harder to imagine Bin Laden bunched up in front of glowing screen watching anime. Be that as it may, plenty of anime was found on that hard drive. Apparently there was a ton of Naruto found on the drive, alongside Bleach and Dragon Ball. How is this even possible? There’s no way he was watching all of this, right?… There were even hardcore nerd cross-over anime series found. The entire Devil May Cry anime series was discovered, and even I haven’t made a point to check that out yet.


And He Played A Bunch Of Video Games

“Grand Theft Auto” was all the rage in the late 2000s, and Osama wanted in on that action:


Did you play “Counter-Strike” back in the day? Maybe you played against the former leader of Al Qaeda:

He was also into DS games:

It seems Bin Laden — or whoever else used his computer — was a connoisseur of emulated DS titles, judging by the “.sav” entries populating his file index. Those naturally include standbys like New Super Mario Bros and Animal Crossing: Wild World.