The Funniest New Flight Safety Demos

Seatbelts and oxygen masks have never seemed so funny.

In-flight safety demonstration or in-flight entertainment? An attendant for Canadian airline WestJet merged both jobs with aplomb.

Passengers posted a video on Facebook showing the attendant’s hilarious demonstration during a recent WestJet flight.

“We had the best in flight crew… Laughed so hard,” wrote TM’z Veterinary Clinic, a Saskatchewan-based establishment, on August 2.

The video shows the attendant demonstrating how to use a seatbelt and oxygen mask with the utmost flair before receiving a hearty round of applause from the passengers on the plane.   Source


…And then there is Air New Zealand.   For their latest inflight safety video, they called upon some very special Men In Black to brief their passengers.

The Funniest New Flight Safety Demos


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