What Does Your Last Name Say About You?

You’re about to realize just how much your name really does influence your personality!

5 replies on “What Does Your Last Name Say About You?”

It says I’m approachable and empathetic.

HAHA!!! Yea, right!

Sweet, nothing like finding out I’m in the same category as “TurdBurglar”

Artistic and imaginative. Bollocks.It’s Stewart. Begins with an S, easy to pronounce, between 5 and 10 letters, indicates my ethnic background and I rather like it. None of which means I’m artistic or imaginative.

Although I do actually write poetry in my spare time. But both my brothers share my last name and they are unimaginative dullards.

So, a name you usually inherit from a parent? although not in my my case as I chose it from a Great-Great Aunt.

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