What Girls Are Really Thinking When They Look At Your Tinder Pics

Tinder is fun and addictive, despite the string of awkward dates that can stem from it. It’s oh-so-easy to swipe left or right from the comfort of your phone, but the snap-judgment based process that is Tinder-ing also has its challenges.

Quick impressions are everything in this game, and your pics may say more about you than you think. Dudes, here’s what the ladies really think the photos you put there, so take note.

  • Sunglasses and a hat


    Every girl knows shades and cap is the dude version of lifting the camera and making a duck face. In other words, you look as insecure as you feel. Lose the accessories and let us peep your peepers!

  • Blurry bathroom mirror selfie


    Ah, the classic bathroom selfie with a urinal backdrop. This is too close — and personal — for comfort.

  • Literally swimming in money


    We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that maybe, just maybe, you have some issues with money. Maybe you’re trying to fill a hole with all of those dollar bills. Maybe you value money over people. Yep, we’re definitely swiping left.

  • Sports!


    You love them! Like, a lot! You’re loyal and a generally enthusiastic person. You’re also down to be in a committed relationship… with 25 players and their general manager.

  • Holding a baby


    You are a softie and an awesome uncle. You love babies so much that you’re fine with potential dates thinking you might live with one.

  • Strumming a guitar


    You’re deep, artistic and possibly a giant pain in the ass. You possess the ability to make us swoon, but it will absolutely come at the price of listening to you practice the same three chords over and over again.

  • Topless in bed


    You have one thing on your mind and it’s an organ on your body. You’re not exactly the best conversationalist, but you do bring one thing to the party: that rippling six-pack.

  • Snuggling a dog or cat


    You think that you can warm a girl’s heart by showing you’re an animal lover, and you’re right. You’re sensitive, caring and probably a good boy!

  • Chilling with your BFF (Best Fictional Friend)


    You know what you’re into, and you don’t care whether it’s cool or not. You’re creative, smart and probably more likely to throw down for a collector’s edition action figure than a nice dinner.

  • Mid-extreme sport


    You’re an adrenaline junkie who loves to be outside. You fear nothing — except maybe the prospect of a long-term relationship.

  • Group shots


    You have something to hide. You also clearly have plenty of friends, but what you don’t have is a game plan for what will happen if and when you meet up with a girl solo.

  • “Funny”


    You’ll do almost anything for a laugh — including jeopardize your chance at getting a date in the name of a half-baked joke.

  • At the gym


    You’re confident, maybe to the point of being cocky. On the up shot, you’re 100 percent down to try that new vegan restaurant, and have more recipes for healthy smoothies than Miley has ideas for off-the-wall Instagram posts.

  • With another woman


What Girls Are Really Thinking When They Look At Your Tinder Pics


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There is a reason why men use dodgy photos and pickup lines on Tinder. They pre-filter for women seeking a hookup, rather than a life committment.

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