What Jesus Probably Looked Like As A Young Boy

Here's what Jesus looked like as a young boy
Jesus looks better with a beard

Jesus may have grown up to be a hipster, if these images are anything to go by. 

Italian police have unveiled a series of photos showing the messiah as a young lad.

Investigators created the representation with the same technology used to generate e-fits of criminals.

They used the Turin Shroud – a supposed burial cloth of Jesus – which is believed to hold an image of Jesus’ face.

Officers then reversed the aging process to show the Lord in his 20s and teens.

It shows the development of a beard, most likely in his mid-20s, giving credence to the popular belief Jesus was actually a hipster.

The Church has always been tight-lipped on whether Christ’s body was wrapped in the shroud or that the image is the product of a miracle.

While we’re on the subject – here’s Jesus appearing in a bunch of stuff:

Jesus in pierogi (Picture:
Jesus in pierogi
Jesus, hot cross bun
Jesus in a hot-cross bun (Picture: SWNS)
Jesus in a cliff
A mum was astonished after she spotted the perfectly-formed face of Jesus - in a BIRD POO.  See SWNS story SWJESUS.  Amused Claudia Cooper, 43, was returning to her car after watching a hockey match with her family when she spotted the instantly-recognisable shape.  The smear on the front window of her White BMW 2 looks exactly like the son of God and the family are hoping it brings them good luck.
Jesus in bird poo (Picture: SWNS)


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