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What Kind Of Logic Do You Have?


Do you rely on your common sense? Or do you have a more mathematical or scientific kind of logic?


What Kind Of Logic Do You Have?

2 replies on “What Kind Of Logic Do You Have?”

“Common Sense Logic
Your logic is based on Common Sense. You’re natural logic type indicates you’re all about effective solutions over efficiency. This allows you to always get yourself through tough situations as you make the right decisions with ease and never let yourself get caught behind others. You’re smart and quick-witted and often see the simple solutions that people may overlook. You never overcomplicate your life and know how to keep your cool no matter what.”

scientific logic
You’re driven by curiosity of the unknown and a gleam in your eye that beckons for new knowledge. You like to pursue all forms of trial and error to get through life. You try not to take it too harshly when something goes wrong because you know exploring all the options is the best way to find the best one.

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