What Led Up To Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting Of Jermaine Massey

Solicitor Walt Wilkins said Greenville County deputies will not face charges in the death of Jermaine Massey.

Wilkins released the results of SLED’s investigation and his findings in a news conference Thursday morning.

Massey was fatally shot by Greenville County deputes on March 19. Suspended Sheriff Will Lewis said after the shooting that deputies opened fire when Massey charged with a knife.

body camera footage of the incident was released on Thursday. We have released footage showing what led up to shots being fired.

Deputies were called to the home on Third Avenue in the Poe Mill community after a bizarre 911 call reportedly made by Massey.

Wilkins said Massey made statements during the call that indicated he may have been considering self harm.

Wilkins said deputies found Massey in the back of the home when they arrived and he was armed with a knife. Despite numerous requests from deputies, Massey did not drop the knife.

Wilkins said deputies first tried to tase Massey. Three deputies used their Tasers for five cycles.

“It basically had zero effect,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins said Massey’s movements became more erratic and he began moving the knife more wildly. In the body camera video, Massey is seen sitting on the porch before moving around the yard and screaming.

When Massey charged toward the deputies, Wilkins said three deputies opened fire.

The deputies fired a total of 11 shots. Massey died at the hospital.

Massey had a .15 blood alcohol content at the time of his death and also had drugs in his system, Wilkins said.

Wilkins said he found no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing on the part of deputies. The Sheriff’s Office said the deputies involved were cleared to return to active duty back in April.

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