What Men Think About Women’s Pubic Hair

Ladies, you might want to roll your eyes right about now.
AskMen ran a survey, asking a group of guys what they think women should do with their public hair. The response was pretty typical.

Of course, any sort of grooming preferences won’t stop a man from having sex. Only 9 percent said they’d walk. How sweet.

What about their own grooming habits? 88 percent of men polled said they also groom, so there’s that, at least.

In a nutshell, men say grooming is preferable.

And women say:



7 replies on “What Men Think About Women’s Pubic Hair”

Yup- women would like to point out that we do not exist for the pleasure of men. if you want to criticise my body choices then I have no desire to interact with you!!

Women don’t exist for the pleasure of men. They just act that way. That’s why the internet is 40% half naked selfies. (another 40% is cats)

If every woman in the world stopped wearing makeup, getting fake titties, and wasting cash on jewelry….men would still want women.

Women compete with other women. It’s not men thinking women exist to please them.

Blaming your insecurity and jealousy of prettier women on men is just….ridiculous.

Get a grip on reality Madduck. Men are simply attracted to women. That is all.

Women competing with other women, and lack self esteem is the root cause for 99% of what you complain about, but still blame men for.

I suspect that past a certain age women do what pleases them, but you are right about the competition bit up until about 35. It the pubes thing- THAT is done for the most part for men ( not completely I know) and it really irritates me. One friend has taken to removing it as her husband say it is dirty- and I cannot for the life of me understand why she hasn’t left him! Girls do it because it is expected, despite my howls of outrage…. likewise shaving armpits-

Women’s pubic hair should be naturally sparse and tidy and meat flaps naturally small. She should be naturally beautiful and not need lots of makeup. She should also be naturally young. Nobody likes a faker.

I love women’s pubes! I’m not talking about the ‘rainforest’ type, but the sheer variety of growth patterns and colours. Some are soft and furry, others are coarse and wiry. I still feel a frisson of excitement when slowly peeling down the front of a pair of soft knickers to see tufts of soft downy hair poking out. I know what is to be found by further exploration, and my heart beats faster and harder as I tease my way ever lower towards that hot, beautiful smelling target. Further off with the knickers, the anticipation and desire builds in both of us as I softly nuzzle that warm mound and gently push my nose against the…( I’ll be back soon, I’ve just got to go upstairs for a minute)
All the women I have ever shared mutual pleasure with have trimmed for personal comfort and hygiene, not for public acclaim. Cleanliness is my main concern; I know exactly what I seek and where it is hidden, I do not need agent orange to help.

I have facial hair. If I expect a woman to kiss me on the lips, it’s only fair that she holds the same expectation.

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