What “The Future” Looked Like In 13 Sci-Fi Movies From The Past –

If you, like me, have been watching movies about the far-off, distant future since you were a kid, well, get ready to feel old:

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2001: A Space Odyssey — about a future where humans travel via spaceship to lunar settlements and even Jupiter — was set in 2001, or 18 long years ago.


Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome — about a post-apocalyptic future where people now live primitively in the desert — was set in 2012, or almost eight years ago.

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Escape from L.A. — about a future where an earthquake has rendered Los Angeles an island and a president elected for life calls it “sinful” — was set in 2013, or three years before Trump was elected president.


Back to the Future 2 — about a future where there were hoverboards, self-tying shoes, and even flying cars — was set in 2015, or four years ago from where we now stand.


Barb Wire — about a future during the “Second American Civil War” where Pam Anderson works as a mercenary and bounty hunter in the country’s last free city — was set in 2017, which we now see in the rearview mirror.


The Running Man — about a dystopian future where convicted criminals try to outrun professional killers on a game show — was set between the years of 2017 and 2019, the soon-to-be past.


Terminator: Salvation — about a post-nuclear future where humans struggle for survival against robotic killing machines — was set in 2018, or you know, last year.

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Blade Runner — about a future with bio-engineered replicants that look indistinguishable from actual humans — was set in 2019, or “the past” as we’ll know it in six weeks.

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The Road — about a post-apocalyptic future where almost all life on earth has been destroyed — was also set in 2019.


Seeking a Friend for the End of the Earth — about a future where an asteroid hits earth and ends all life on it — was set in 2021, or a year from now, essentially.


Her — about a future where Siri-style virtual assistants with artificial intelligence are so advanced that a man fell in love with his — was set in 2025, or just five years from now.

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Heck, even The Terminator — about a future where those robotic killing machines mentioned above have now discovered time travel — was only set in 2029, or less than ten years from today.


How you thought about these movies as a kid:


How you think about them now:

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