What The Hell Is GKC Fest? Watch The Most Extreme Version Of Crazy People Letting Off Steam

Sometimes people just need to get together, hang out, and blow off some steam. This typically happens over a couple beers or maybe one kick ass party. Trevor Jacob and his friends do it much bigger. So big it involves helicopters and broken bones.

An acronym for Gettin Kinda Crazy, GKC bills itself as “an organization, a way of life and a reckless group of mongrels” when honestly they’re just a bunch of friends getting together to blow off some steam. Imagine every Jackass movie, show and stunt happening simultaneously, all on one piece of land, for no other reasons but to have fun and you’ve got the gist of GKC.

Founded by the Olympic snowboarder, GKC is a yearly get-together on Jacob’s large parcel of land tucked away in the mountains. If you don’t remember Jacob, he’s the guy who jumped a moving train on his snowboard back in 2011.

The spirit and insanity of GKC is the perfect way to launch our newest series — Underbelly. Underbelly is a high-octane, no holds barred look at the underside of sports. In this recurring series, viewers will discover the extremely competitive kings of the streetball court, enter underground fight clubs, and ride through back alleys alongside elusive street racers. These are the types of sports the X Games was born from…if the X Games were unrestricted. Underbelly is about more than the sports themselves, as the series details the athletes that live—and in some cases give their lives—for the sports they love.

While these stunts and exhibitions are amazing to watch it’s important to remember that there’s always a high level of risk involved. This daredevil lifestyle is dangerous and these guys put their own safety on the line while being fully aware of the potential consequences.

In this inaugural episode of Underbelly, the insanity of this year’s GKC fest is captured for the outside world to witness. The day included more than a few teeth knocked out by accident and then on purposes, chicks in bikinis mud wrestling and the Cadillac belonging to the ex-wife of one of the festival attendees getting absolutely destroyed and set on fire.

Just the typical weekend at GKC.

NOTE: This article is dedicated to the spirit and memory of Johnny Strange, who appeared in the above video, and Nitro Circus member Erik Roner. Two amazing men and modern-day daredevils who tragically lost their lives doing what they love.


What The Hell Is GKC Fest? Watch The Most Extreme Version Of Crazy People Letting Off Steam


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